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June 22 2005

And Happy Birthday to Joss Whedon. Who on this day gets a present of 35 screenings of Serenity.

And to answer a question that is in some people's minds, Whedonesque is in Central European Time.

And there will be the usual two Serenity threads for people to post their reviews.

Yahoo! Joss, you're the best. Many happy returns!
Happy Birthday! Happy Screening!

Happy birthday to an incredible writer, director, composer, showrunner and many other things. Until I discovered Whedon I wondered why I didn't have more talent. Now I know: Joss got it all!
Happy Birthday Joss!
Happy birthday, Joss.

By the way, will be celebrating its 3rd birthday at the end of this month. I say this now because I'm off to Dublin tomorrow for three U2 concerts and I'll probably forget when I get back next week.
Happy Birthday Joss, let us know if you get any cool pressies :)

ETA: I hope today is better than the average Buffy Birthday!

[ edited by buffbuff on 2005-06-23 00:48 ]
Happy Birthday to Joss and Happy Birthday in advance to Whedonesque, where I have posted many crazy things with like minded folk and its also leading me to travel (he said enigmatically).
Happy birthday, Joss! Thanks for the inspiration.
Happy Birthday to my favorite person! I will bake a cake in you honor and will eat it while watching Welcome to the Hellmouth :) Thank you for Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity and everything which has made me the person I am today.
Happy Birthday Joss, thanks for many years of hard work in producing shows that I've enjoyed, can't imagine tv without those shows.
buffbuff, very funny!

I will celebrate by attenting the DC Serenity screening with my fellow (and very wonderful) Washington Whedonites!

And, by the way, 100% of what MySerenity said, from both me and my wonderful wife, who convinced me to tune into Buffy...what a great decision that was.
Happy Birthday, Joss. The gifts you receive today cannot possibly equal the gifts you have given to us all -- but I hope they come close!
Happy birthday Joss, thanks for all you've done so far, it's greatly appreciated.
Happy Birthday Joss!!! May your birthday be filled with many Grr Arg monsters and an apocalypse of all positive reviews from the Serenity screenings.

and also a very Happy Birthday to Whedonesque, which has presented a very talented and unique discussion forum I have checked compusively over the past few years.

Long live Whedon!
Happy birthday Joss! If you come up to San Francisco for the screening, I will bring along a birthday gift. One hint: it is furry and stuffed.
See you at the Houston screening, Joss! [end wishful thinking]

I'll be attending with 2 soon-to-be converts, thanks to the incredibly generous CH in LA (we'll be having a moment of silence in his honor at midnight; sorry you couldn't make it!).

Happy birthday to Hoppy Hoppy Bunny!
Happy birthday, Joss! Rock on!
Happy Birthday Joss!!!!!
Happy Birfday to da man!
Happy Birthday to the Joss man!!! Now remember, on you're birthday, don't do anything I would do.
If Whedonesquers really want to give Joss a present -- and you've seen "Serenity" -- you might consider registering your sincere raves/high ratings at IMDB. With the thousands who've already seen it, it's kind of shocking that it still is "awaiting five votes."

And, yup, I'm looking forward to the celebrations tomorrow in Riverside. Have lost all powers of concentration....
A birthday haiku:

Happy Birthday Joss!
Much fruit his mind's eye bears.
Naked are his goats.

[ edited by IMMORTAL on 2005-06-23 01:41 ]
Happy 21st Joss! Have you lost weight?
Happy birthday to my two favorite guys: Joss and my brother!
Happy Birthday Joss, and thank you so much for the greatest television I have ever seen.
Happy Birthday Joss!

Thank you for years of entertainment and ART.
Happy happy joy joy and all that to Joss (and WHEDONesque!!)
Happy birthday Joss. Numfar, do the dance of joy!

Enjoy your BDB.
Happy Birthday! Kiss your mama for me...'cause it's all her fault! Seriously, we all love you so, thanks incredibly much for sharing your talent with the world. With us.
Happy Birthday to Joss! And my son. :-) Great men, both.
Happy Birthday, Joss.
Happy Birthday and many more to come.

It's a joyous day indeed. Without him, we wouldn't have the greatness that is the Whedonverse.
Many many many happy returns. Let us hope your birthday isn't like every single birthday dramatised on Buffy, Angel or Firefly...
Joss, happy birthday.

You know, you are the only stranger I would ever wish happy birthday to - although you are in my living room 7 nights a week. I have too many thoughts today!
I was really tempted not to post as the number of postings was at 35, just like the screenings but I can't not say All best wishes to the most talented guy in Hollywood. It is so kind of you to give so many of us a present on your birthday. May you continue to break our hearts for many years to come.
Happy birthday Joss!
Que lo cumplas feliz, Joss! You changed my life. xox
Happy Birthday, Joss! Many happy returns!
Also, if all goes well, in 33 of those 35 cities, there will be a birthday card/banner for all the screening attendees to sign. We're missing only Atlanta and Memphis. If anyone from Memphis or Atlanta would like to complete the list, or would like some details on the project, see my e-mail in my profile.

Happy Birthday to Joss, thanks for everything. And, Happy Birthday, Whedonesque!
Grattis pa fodelsedagen or as one says in English, Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Joss!

Give us more Buffyverse goodies after you've got a break from everything, alright? Don't forget. ;)
Happy Birthday Joss!! Just turned 41 myself last week!!
Happy Birthday Joss!!!

Kuai le sheng chen!
Happy Birthday Creator of the 'Verse - and many, many more!
I have been practicing the Dance of Joy in honor of this great day!
I wish I was going to the screening, but I got to go to the first two, so I guess I shouldn't be so selfish. I can't wait until the general release so I can see it as much as I want!

Happy Birthday!
Have a great day big guy! Long live the 'verse!
I don't feel bad at all about posting something unoriginal, especially when the topic is Joss' birthday!
So, "Happy Birthday Joss!"
In a little under approximately 26 hours, I hope to be joined by a group of 200+ lucky and grateful Browncoats in singing exactly that in the theatre awaiting the preview screening of our beloved BDM!
What a wonderful gift to us, the fans, that the man is giving on his birthday! Thank you so much for...well, just existing and sharing your ideas and stories. My life is certainly the better for it and I'm sure many folks here personally feel the same.

Also, early "Happy Birthday" to Whedonesque! Hooray!

Happy Birthday, Joss! You are so very talented and so very good at sharing that talent with the world. You inspire me in many ways - all of them good - with the possible exception of my version of Numfar's "Dance of Joy". I don't think anyone wants to see that :). Have an excellent day, knowing thousands of fans are sending good wishes your way.

Happy birthday to esg's brother and an early "Happy Birthday" to Whedonesque, that keeps me informed, inspired and sometimes very gleeful.
happy birthday Joss, way to be born
Happy Birthday, Joss...and many, many more. I look forward to seeing your first BDM for the first time on your birthday and your next BDM, or BDTVS on someone else's birthday, and so on through the years.

Here is to health, happiness and prosperity for you and your projects! (clink)
Happy birthday, Joss. May you grow old gratefully!
Happy Birthday Joss.

Wish you many happy returns and a day full of Surprises. May you never feel Helpless in the face of adversary, and come out of it A New Man. :D
Happy Birthday Joss!

Boy, you sure know how to throw a party. 35 screenings of your big, damn movie. I hope your cake is moist and your presents surprising.
Happy Birthday Joss!
To the man who has given us all so much joy in the past nine years, I wish you tenfold returns.

Oh, and cake! Cuz you gotta have cake.
In honor of your birthday, I just watched Chosen. Yet AGAIN, got all teary on the little baseball player sequence. God, you kill me! Couldn't get tickets on your birthday to the screening, I was 2 minutes too late. I've seen it anyway, and it is OK. Nothing special. Can you smell the sarcasm? Thank you for giving us what we need rather then what we want (we really need a Spike movie, OK?).
Happy Birthday Joss!

May your birthday be filled with cake and porn.
Happy Birthday Joss.

May you get whatever it is you want.
Happy Birthday Joss! You rocked my world and changed it for the better. Hope your birthday is shiny!
A very happy and rawkin' birthday to you, Joss!
Happiest of happy birthdays to a true creative genius!
Big birthday happies to you, Joss. I would have gotten you a toaster except that I heard you already have one with your name on it, and who can beat that?

As a fellow 41-(and a half) year old, it pleases me no end that I can look forward to being dazzled by your singular wit and imagination for a long time to come. Thank you for everything, and I do mean everything, that you do.

>>>Sooper-seekrit message: Your interweb fanlings love you bunches -- shhh, don't tell anyone!
Many happy returns, Joss. I'd just like to say that my life has never been the same since I've discovered the Whedonverse. Before Buffy (aka BB) I was a child, naive and lacking in dignity and self-respect. After Buffy (aka AB), I was transformed into a young adult, slightly less naive, and still in thorough need of dignity with regards to the Whedonverse fandom.

Thank you so much for everything. Your work means so much to me. Happy Birthday once more Joss - with feeling.
Bon anniversaire, Joss!

Speaking of french sentences, I'll always remember those lines you put into Giles's and Anya's mouthes during the dream of Xander in Restless... to those of you who don't speak french, I must say that these lines are hilarious: they are in (approximate) french, but pronounced with a *very strong* german accent; hilarious... as many ideas coming from Joss, of course!
Happy birthday chief. Take a breather and spend some time with the family. All the best
Happy birthday, Joss! Thank you for creating many beautiful works of art. :)
Happy Birthday, Joss !
Happy birthday :-)
Keep flyin'
Happy Birthday, Joss. reading/watching something made by you always makes my day better.
Happy Birthday, Joss !
Happy Birthday sir, and thank you.
In honour of Joss, I have in fact written a poem to show my love for The Man! Caution: Bad rhyming skills lay ahead. Reader discretion advised.

To Joss on His Birthday:

"Joss Joss, He's the boss
He looks better than Kate Moss
Did Buffy, Angel, Firefly
Made us Laugh and Made us Cry
Brought us joy, brought us pain
And we REALLY want you to do it again!
268 episodes of total bliss
So Whedonesque give you a big kiss!"

So its not exactly Shakespeare/Joss Whedon, but Happy Birthday Joss, and have many many more to come!
Hello Mr. Joss!
I'm celebrating your birthday tonight with a few others at a THEATER in Tampa!!! This is my best-ever another-person's birthday. May your entire week be filled with shiny, shiny gifts. And inspiration. I love you! You're the real BDH.

ETA: PS I watched Safe last night just to see River dance. :)

[ edited by April on 2005-06-23 14:48 ]
happy birthday joss----yeah real original.
Apocalypse, I love it!!
To someone who's work has enriched my life, I hope you have a great day. Happy Birthday Joss.
Happy birthday, Joss. Best of wishes to the man that has provided us with such witty entertainment all these years. Thanks!

Nice one, Apocalypse:)

I've watched Firefly 'The Message' a dozen times, yet I'd never realized that Joss appeared in it. Time to watch it again.
Happy birthday Joss! Mwah!!
Happy Birthday master Joss!!
Happy Birthday, Joss. Your creativity makes this crazy world bearable. Thank you for everything. XXX OOO
Who is this Joss person everyone's talking about?
If anyone deserves another birthday, it's you Joss!
Happy birthday!!
Happy Birthday Joss! I think I will celebrate by seeing a movie called Serenity... xo
My fortune cookie at lunch said
(and before opening it I said FOR JOSS):

"you will receive fantastic support from someone who belives in you."

Our cards, banners and pictures from the 35 screening should prove this.

Happy day, Joss.

[ edited by SoddingNancyTribe on 2005-07-31 06:28 ]
Happy birthday Joss!! You rock!
Happy Birthday Joss! I hope all your wishes come true ;-) xxxx
Keep spreading the Joy Joss. Thanx for another year of your work. I hope you have an awesome day and a very long prolific life!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Happy birthday, Joss! Have a great one! =)

Wish I was in the US (or Canada) to celebrate it with a screening of Serenity. [whining off] Oh well... [starts sending SMS messages around, starting a Buffy+Firefly marathon party instead] =)
Happy birthday, happy happy birthday, Joss! It's your birthday and we're getting the present! Thank you for the previews.
Many happies for the day Sir Whedon!
Happy Birthday Joss! May your day be better then mine!
This is your birthday song, it isn't very long...

Congratulations and many happy thoughts to Joss on his birthday: for all he has acheived in the past and for what he will spring on us in the future, I thank him sincerely.

I wear my "Joss is Boss" shirt in deference to his artistic might and glory. And also 'cause all my other shirts are covered in dog hair.

Happy birthday to you all day long, Joss.
Happy Birthday Joss, all your great talent has truly inspired me to work with what little I have. Thank you so much for everything, and have a great day with your family. xx
Goin with the chinese influences in the Firefly verse:
Joss, sheng1 ri4 kuai4 le4!!

Bonne anniversaire! (just to be different)
Happy Birthday Joss! Now, get back to work so we can see this movie. And your next project. And the one after that. And the one after that.
I forgot to sign the banner last night! Blast. I got distracted by some really excellent movie that I saw. So when you get those banners Joss, add my name and bunches more who I'm sure also got distracted because they were excited about seeing one hell of a good movie.
This is a little late, but I too would like to wish Joss a Happy Birthday. He has given us all so much, and he deserves a good one. And doesn't he look young for his age?
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! I'm the 100th Jossverse fan to wish you a great birthday and many more...I look forward to many more years of Joss!

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