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June 23 2005

Joss Plays With Dolls! Sideshow Collectibles has an exclusive interview with Joss Whedon, a modern entertainment master.

Guess it does answer anything about an tv or movie projects though, at least for awhile.
Loved that interview. As someone who collects these figures it was nice to hear from Joss himself that he still likes to play with dolls! I'm the same age as him (41) and here I am collecting all these dolls, and yes, I take mine out of the box and display them and repose them and just have a lot of fun with them. I'm hoping because Serenity and Firefly were mentioned in the interview that there is a possibility that Sideshow will be doing a line for Serenity too. And I would love an Illyria figure so much!! I know they have her for the 6" figures but I don't collect them. A 12" Illyria would be awesome!
For me, it's about posing them and playing with them and making them fight and have conflict and creating more and more narrative and yes, putting them on top of each other. I'm not judging. Anybody can be put on top of anybody, that's the beauty of my shows.

Bwah! I love Joss. :)
SSC: Going back to the future of a Buffy, Angel, or Spike TV or film project, is there a realistic timeline for something happening sooner rather than later?

JW: We've talked about a Spike movie. There are a lot of characters that I would be interested in seeing again: Willow, Faith, Oz, Illyria, and Spike, obviously. I'm still dying to do Ripper [a miniseries about the Rupert Giles character]. There's a lot, but right now, I can barely keep my head above water, so nothing is on the front burner.

Nothing on the front burner, eh? I guess that's O.K. as long as Wonder Woman is good... But really how are they supposed to do a show about Ripper when he is supposed to be younger than he was on Buffy, because ASH is only getting older and I'm pretty sure it's going to be hard to convince fans that he's 30 something in a Ripper mini-series. Just a question I'd thought I'd throw out there?

On a side note: Isn't the writer of this article none other than our own TaraDi?

I envy her.
To bad the Faith one is so bad. But I have mine out of their boxes. And just got my Xander one.
You got your Xander one already? How'd you manage that? Sideshow hasn't released it yet!?!
How does he look??!!
ShotgunWes, I thought Ripper was going to be focused on Giles where he is now, as opposed to his history. I read that the premise would have been him working as a Watcher, training new Slayers.
Prototype. H e look's like xander. He is one of the best made yet.

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Prototype? Explain please!! Do you know someone who works at Sideshow or do you perhaps work there yourself? And, prototype or not, how does he look?! And yes, must agree with you on the Faith figure being horrible.
That was a great article! I too take my dolls out of the box. Then when I see the prices on ebay nowadys I kick myself. Oh well. At least I had fun. The first figure I ever bought that started me on the action figure thing was the 12 inch Spike with extra hands. It was just so cool I had to have it!

As a side note, is that a new picture of Joss? He looks great!
I usually get the Exclusives and the prices on Ebay for those are usually outrageous. But, yeah, you can get some good deals on the less popular figures. Here's a site that has pretty good prices on the non-exclusive figures and cheaper shipping than Sideshow.

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It is a TaraDi article! Very well-written.
I do enjoy a TaraDi interview, this was very good indeed.
The Xander one is my favorite of all the men. Both Angel and Spike have good ones and bad ones.The bad ones being Elvis Angel and Billy Idol Spike. The grad Buffy is the best Buffy. Her prototype was even better. I just marvel with how well they got Sarah and how very badly they got Eliza. She looks like a drag queen.
I have to tell you...Our computer is in the "comic book room." I looked at my husbands shelf of toys, and Nightcrawler has Dr. Zaius in a head lock. I love boys that love toys!
When Joss says that he still likes to play with dolls...did that conjure up images of Rick Moranis in 'Spaceballs" Dark Helmet playing with his action figures....just asking....heeee.

Making Doll Spike and Doll Buffy..uhhhhmmmm....or Doll Willow and Doll Xander....whatever??????
I just love a TaraDi interview. (ETA: I see Simon and I have the same thought)

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I don't have many dolls as I just started getting them, but what's sad is I try to get two of each of them so that I can play with one and keep the other as a collectible.

I don't mind that the Buffyverse isn't on the front burner, at least its in the kitchen and he plans to prepare a new recipe.
*hugs Whedonverse - my daily obsession*

thanks guys :)

And just an FYI - Ripper would not be a prequel, but Giles in contemporary times.
*imagines Joss getting 100 Bunny Suit Anyas in the mail...*
Good thought, Rogue Slayer ;)
TaraDi: What do you mean by "Giles in contemporary times"?
It would take place in the present - not in his Ripper past.
TaraDi - That's how I'd want to have a Giles series. I wouldn't want it in his youth because then we wouldn't have ASH in it!

FalenAnjl - I love the Prophecy Girl Buffys and I think Subway Spike (the one you referred to as "Billy Idol") looks great! Don't know who Elvis Angel is - oh, wait - do you mean the Origin's one? I'm getting him but he definitely is not my favorite! But, some of that could be that I just never liked how David looked in the flashback scenes with the long hair. I prefer him with the shorter hair.

I also don't understand how they could mess up the Faith figure as much as they did. It looks absolutely nothing like her. I haven't seen any figure that even comes close to looking like her with the other lines either. I wonder why that is.

I know some people didn't like the Prophecy Girl Buffy figures with the doll hair instead of the sculpted hair but either way, all the face sculpts of Sarah have been spot on.

I'm really happy to hear that Xander looks great and you think he is the best of the men. Really looking forward to getting him.
Eliza didn't give her consent to give her likeness, at least I don't think she did or maybe she's the person who wouldn't give a full body scan. It's something along those lines.

P.S. Thanks for clearing it up TaraDi, and a great interview.
TaraDi, great interview! Could you give us a date as to when it happened?
Thanks for all the feedback. The interview was about a month ago.
Nice picture of Joss :)
Love the interview! Love Sideshow! a perfect match. i own Faith, and though i should back it up since i own it, your right its terrible. The human spike and Grad Buffy r my faves.

i still dont get how you have xander already FalenAnjl! and is his shirt black or a red with sunnydale high written on it. The prototype one is black, but in a newsletter i got it had a pic of the xander but with a sunnydale high shirt.

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