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January 20 2003

A "Sensitive Situation" at Fox Enmity mine: all apparently not sunshine and roses between Joss and Buffy exec. producer Gail Berman since Firefly cancellation

Licking his wounds indeed!

I'm sure that little comment will just patch things right up between them.

It's awfully hard to fault Joss if he is mad at her; she spent what, 3 or 4 years hectoring him to do a series for Fox? Then, when he does, it gets jerked around.
Patronising, much?
Translated "Joss has an axe and will swing it at any Fox executive he sees". (probably).
"A show that isn't working" she says. Was she watching the same show the rest of us were?
That's the problem - it doesn't seem like ANYONE was watching the same show we were! ;-)

The morons.
The parallel's with 'My So-Called Life' are gut-wrenching ...

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