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June 24 2005

Foster teen looks to Buffy as role model. Today, NPR's "Day to Day" audioblog program segment highlights Brittany LaBrake, for whom the Slayer represents an inspirational example to follow during tough personal times.

LaBrake, who grew up watching BtVS since she was a baby, explains her hero's influence and importance. There's also background sound/musical accompaniment. (Note: Audioblog file is in Real/Windows Media formats.)

Thank you for this, it reaffirms my belief that Buffy will always be one of the most influential and important TV characters of all time.
Right there with you, Simon. More than two years after the series finale aired, she's still helping to save lives.

It might seem silly to those who don't understand how identifying with a beloved "fictional" character can provide strength and courage in real-life crises, but I sometimes find myself wishing she was real so I could thank her in person for how she's inspired me over the years. I reckon I'll just have to keep thanking Joss instead ;)
Hear hear. I would never tell most people that the reason I do the job I do is pretty much inspired by Buffy & Angel. What do I do? Help the helpless, of course! BtVS/Ats give me much-needed strength and inspiration.
I heard this on the radio today while running some lunchtime errands. It's a great piece!
It will be a long while before Buffy stops influencing the lives of viewers.
This is the reason Joss created this show. I couldn't agree more Wiseblood. So many people I know just don't understand how important Buffy as a character and as an inspirational figure is to all who watch the show.
And the great thing about the Buffy/Angel/Firefly characters is that they are flawed, so despite their unusual circumstances, we can still identify with them because they're believable. All of the heroes are intrinsically good, but that's not to say that they don't do bad things, or make mistakes, which just makes us love them more.
Great story. Brittany still has an uphill road ahead.

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