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June 25 2005

Indianapolis Article on the Serenity Screening. Short article about "Sci-fi sneak preview" with some fan comments about the movie and a little bit about Ron Glass.

Good, more coverage of the screenings the better. And with the new trailer out next week *touch wood* and hopefully a new poster *touch wood again*, it'll give another shot in the arm to the publicity campaign. I wonder when the TV spots will begin.
Ooh, is it weird that I've seen the movie twice and still am slavering over the thought of a new trailer? I like the current trailer for what it is, but would love one in the order of the teaser trailer that Joss and co. showed at Comic Con last year: heart-pumping, beautiful visuals and thumping music?
This is a wonderful article, and I'm thrilled when I see the advanced screenings bringing more publicity for the BDM!

And like dottikin, I've seen the movie twice, and I am really longing to see the trailer on the big screen! I love the first trailer (but personally I've only seen it online) but I would love a new one, and I want to see it...a theaters.
So according to elsewhere, some theathers are playing the Serenity trailer with Land Of The Dead. Thats 2 weeks in a row with Serenity play! Hopefully it'll get seen with WOTW and F4 too.

We probably won't see tv spots until August.

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When might the new trailer come out, exactly? *Touch wood* indeed. You're not weird, dottikin. I've also been supremely lucky enough to see the movie twice and I'm still salivating for the trailers. I've found a theater showing Batman Begins with the trailer and go to see it I shall. I wonder if the new trailer will show in theaters in the States? Is it just a European version? (Whatever that means.) God, I'd love to see the teaser trailer you saw at Comic Con last year. Jealous now.
OTT but fabulous: the Firefly DVD is currently #7 in Amazon's bestselling DVDs. How nutty is that?

I'd say the special advance screenings are working wonders of a sort. This kind of Firefly DVDs sales rise can't be just from the trailer. "Firefly" isn't even mentioned in the trailer, something I find a little curious, actually. Why just Buffy and Angel and not Firefly?
I haven't seen international trailers played in the U.S. They market to the states and the international market different. Actually I've found that the I.N. trailer is usually better than the U.S. ones. And then when you take posters into account Batman Begins' best poster was the international black and white one.

You don't put "Firefly" in the trailer because then all the people will feel like they won't understand the movie since they didn't see the show. (and in hindsight I think that buffy/angel mention was a bad idea too. What if the person thought Buffy was a silly kids show?)

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I think they're downplaying the fact that the movie is based on a cancelled tv show (by not mentioning Firefly). I think this is a wise thing to do - and if you enjoy the movie I'm sure it would be fairly easy to find out about Firefly.

As far as Buffy and Angel, it is ashame that so many people have a misperception about what those shows are. The mention of those names with Serenity *should* be a major bolster... but alas, the general public may not realize that.

I only hope that the trailer(s) will do their job in getting sufficient interest. Just today I had someone willing to bet me "any amount of money" that there will not be a sequel, that Serenity will fail, and Universal only made it because they wanted to get Joss. (sigh)
Just today I had someone willing to bet me "any amount of money" that there will not be a sequel, that Serenity will fail, and Universal only made it because they wanted to get Joss.

You should take that person up on their offer.
$40 million + advertising, prints, and publicity is a lot of money just for Universal to get some kind of first-refusal deal (assuming there even is one, which I've seen nothing about)...I think this is probably the lamest conspiracy theory I've heard in a long while....

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I attended the Indianapolis screening with my wife and afterwards I watched the Indianapolis Star reporter interviewing fellow browncoats. We did our part to provide good reviews on the screening though we weren't quoted.

Ron Glass also attended the Indianapolis screening and stayed with us for almost a half hour after it finished for Q&A. What a great guy.

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