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June 25 2005

Big Damn Heroes: A Quest for Serenity. A video of two Browncoats in their search for tickets to the Portland Serenity screening on June 23rd. Also, check out this photo gallery of the event. The costume pics are a special treat.

That's a really amusing video, certainly full of thrilling heroics as advertised. I especially like the slo-motion opening shot of Loren eating the burrito - classic! Also fun is watching them trying to eat the ice planets, they do look like tasty, albeit problematic, food. Nice to see the cute 'Blue Hands' girl from the photo gallery too.
Here in Vancouver, much of our pre-screening shindig was actually inside the theatre, as the wonderful staff at the Paramount were kind enough to provide our local Meetup Group with a table to display the Birthday Banner and welcome group members and fellow Browncoats.
Seems everyone's got a story about how they got their tickets and many of these stories contain their own such thrilling heroics. I can relate my own tale to anyone interested but in the meantime, thanks electricspacegirl for posting this and also, samatwitch, one of our Group's assistant organizers, says hi!
Yes, these browncoats put a lot of time and effort into this. Loved the costumes and video. Also gave me a big smile to see the Angel's 'astronauts vs. cavemen' shout-out.
The fresh strawberries pics are also great - many fans' interpretations of sensual Kaylee
And hey, my hubby's in this one. He's the blond guy in the Blue Sun shirt who hands over a ticket. All must flock to see Jet Wolf's Dork Boy!

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