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January 20 2003

Xander in L.A.? Dark Horizons reports that Nick Brendon appears to be the most likely cast member to jump ship to Angel if BtVS finishes this year.

Probably false as Dark Horizons has been known to get it horribly wrong on Buffy/Angel news before. Though it is somewhat reliable for movie news. But Joss did say in a previous interview that he had considered moving some of the BtVS cast to AtS for season 5.

It would be a good thing for the character. Time Mr Smalltown went to the Big City and get all growed up.
Not to mention all the fun you could have with Xander, Angel, Cordelia, and their various histories and presents together. I'm all for it.
but... if angel got xander, wouldn't that mean they'd have to get rid of someone else?
i mean, cripe! angel's cast is already slightly... overinflated lately.
i *love* xander. i do. more than anyone on angel. but where would he fit in?
*snicker* Well, Xander could fill in and help to repair the hotel since it is always getting smashed up. Don't get me wrong,I love Xander, but I have been feeling frustrated that it feels like the only reason cast members from BtVS and Angel don't communicate is because they are run on separate networks. I mean, don't the executives from both networks realize that allowing many flow overs just makes us salivate more for BOTH shows? That it could most likely mean a higher viewership for BOTH networks? *sigh* If only I were a TV exec.
Didn't Nick Brendon say (at a convention) that he wouldn't be interested in moving to "Angel?" Maybe it was reported wrong. Still, I'm very skeptical of this rumor.

Still, it would be great. Think of the exchanges between Angel and Xander:

ANGEL: Uh...hi.
XANDER: Ditto.
ANGEL: Well, uh -- you're welcome here, I mean, you did challenge me to prove I could be brave, back when I was too much of a fraidy-cat to fight the Master.
XANDER: And I mean, you, uh...well, you...
ANGEL: Hey, I saved you from being raped and murdered by Faith.
XANDER: Right, that was good saveage. More than makes up for all the torture and murder and hitting me across the face and what's this, a hotel?
ANGEL: So what's Buffy been up to since I last saw her?
XANDER: Let's go out for a drink.
ANGEL: I don't want a drink.
XANDER: You do if you want to know what Buffy's been up to.
[cut to Angel and Xander getting drunk.]
ANGEL: SPIKE?????????????????????
XANDER: Spike.
ANGEL: I'm gonna be sick.
XANDER: Can vampires get sick?
ANGEL: We can try.
I wish you were a tv exec too Genia! Then I presumably wouldn't be moping about Firefly all the time!

Unless ... they got to you too!!
(Celebratory dancing) BOOYA! BOOYA! BOOYA!
I'd love to see Xander on Angel because Nick Brendon had truckloads more chemistry with Charisma Carpenter than David Boreanaz ever will ~ and I'm not even going to touch the whole Connor issue. Throwing Xander into the mix would throw in some much needed laughs and actual sexual tension into the lameness that is the A/C 'ship.

Better yet, considering Xander's habit of making ambiguously gay comments ("I can handle Oz's Full Monty" and "I'll be pumping him in no time") and his history of attracting demons, I'm dying to know how Lorne would perceive him. I have a feeling Andy and Nick would make a dynamite comedic duo.
Would be interesting to see each of the Buffy Scoobies make appearances in Angel. I believe I read that Willow made an appearance a year or so ago, but I missed that episode. Then they've had Faith on Angel, and Buffy made an appearance or two. Wesley & Cordelia have of course made the permanent move. Some viewers want more crossovers but personally I think they've done more than most other production companies in similar shoes would have. There's an obvious fear of overkill.

I recall with Star Trek Deep Space Nine they moved Chief O'Brien from Next Generation to DS9. That worked. The Chief was an occasional role in STNG, but got a chance to really shine in DS9 and he was a prominent fixture that really made the spinoff series. Then late in the series they put Worf in as a regular which was overkill. It didn't help the series. It just sorta helped DS9 "jump the shark." There's a certain point where producers have to say no.

I think Xander as a permanent fixture in Angel would be unwise. Perhaps if he were to somehow become a Big Bad of sorts, because there's always been animosity between him and Angel and it'd be nice to see that reach a fever pitch, but I'm not sure if Brendan could pull off playing Xander as an antagonist, y'know? It just wouldn't wash. If he were to become a part of A.I., it'd be too redundant. Most of the aspects of Xander's personality are mirrored in Gunn, Fred & Wesley. Brendan would inadvertently steal lines from the mouths of those other actors, and I don't see how anyone would be happy with that behind the scenes.

No. The ideal solution for Nicholas Brendan is to give him his own darn show. A seismic genre-based comedy about him being a luck magnet with an old junked up van he inherited from some old fart in his family. Maybe throw in a couple other characters from Buffy either past or present. A Jonathan (Danny Strong) from another timeline who suffers from multiple personality disorder, and either a reformed Amy or a more mature Dawn. They drive around in this lime green clunker of a van that keeps going from one alternate reality to another every time Xander puts the key in the ignition, and they're perpetually trying to find their way back to their own reality. Sorta like Sliders but with cheaper effects and more witty repartee. Call the show "LEMON."

Nicholas Brendan has put in his time. He deserves his own star vehicle. *smirk*
How about a Xander spin-off? It could be a sitcom called "Xander's Carpentry Adventures" or something like that. Dawn would be his naive friend who's always getting into trouble, so that Xander can teach her that week's lesson. Then Spike could be the annoying next door neighbor who always ends up being involved in their wacky adventures. I'm sure that Fox or UPN would pick it up in a second. Because if there's one thing we need more of on television, it's sitcoms.
A cross between Home Improvement and McGyver.
Whatever the spinoff, it's gotta be cheap by design. Repetitive sets. Not a lot of on location shooting, unless it's places real close to where they've been shooting. Only three or four regulars in the cast with a host of cheap special guest stars and extras.

What's killing Mutant Enemy right now is that their shows are way too expensive to produce. So it's gotta be a high profile story concept that's painfully cheap to make. I think the idea "LEMON" is ideal, because it's about a real cheap van, very few regular characters, and the alternate reality thing can be done very cheaply, because each reality should be just slightly different from the one before it. So much so that they don't realize each week until after the first commercial break that they're still not home. It's all done through character interaction and dialogue. Any special effects they need can be either computer generated or "charity haunted house" level smoke & mirrors. Little to no gore. I think any network would buy the concept after they saw how cheap it'd be to make it. I mean, it's not like Brendan could pull down SMG's dollar signs ya know what I'm saying?
Actually, I've always wanted to see a Xander spinoff, and there's a very simple hook that could be used: Xander the screenwriter. Basically, if Xander is Joss's alter ego, then he should become a screenwriter and wind up creating a TV show about monsters. But two twists: a) Real monsters in the cast (who put their murderous urges on hold and become actors because they need money); b) Xander's boss -- the producer who finances the show -- is evil, and (like many TV writers) Xander has to work for someone he despises and whose evil plans he tries to foil.

Really, though, I hope Nick Brendon takes a cue from Emma Caulfield and stops being Xander. At this point the character doesn't give him much opportunity to do the two things he does best: Comedy (because Xander's position as comic relief has been stolen by others) and villainy (his performance in "The Pack" is still the best "evil alter ego" character Buffy has offered). Brendon has said that if Buffy ends he'd like to do a sitcom, and I think he'd be great at that, because he has the comic timing and the likability to be successful as someone other than Xander.
Let's kick Xander and Dawn over to Angel and watch the paternal sparks fly between two old rivals. Check out the great dialogue potential as Dawn plays her two guardians off one another in an attempt to date boys and have actual fun.

Because honestly, My Two Dads was a great show, it just needed more demons. *wink*
I have to admit, seeing Xander & Dawn over on AtS for a couple of episodes could be funny. Imagine Cordelia's horror when her new Destroyer boytoy is caught making out with Buffy Summers' little sister! :) Dissed again! Plus Angel/Xander snark is hilarious and badly missed.
This is too frightening. I'm going back to the real world now... ;-)
"maybe that's your power...seeing things."

Who thinks the Xan man would make a kick ass watcher? I haven't wept like that since Giles refused to b1tch out Buffy for sleeping with Angel.
You right Jack, Xan is the man!
AtS should get rid of Fred and bring Xander over as Gunn's new love interest (now that Gunn and Wes aren't getting along).

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