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June 26 2005

The "Bones" of Kathy Reichs' web site. Links to the portion of Kathy Reichs' own Web site that is devoted to "Bones". Includes pictures of the cast members and lists TV and movie credits.

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I saw a preview clip of Bones during The Inside last week and I thought it looked great. They actually gave DB top billing in the preview, which made me very happy. I was afraid he would be more of a sidekick, which is sort of how it appears at KR's website. Anyway, I'm looking forward to this series very much.
Does anyone else see that TJ Thyne guy was in Angel season 5? By his episode credits I'd say he was probably Lorne's assistant.
He was in three episodes - in Life of the Party he was the lawyer who was all like 'This halloween sucks!' and by end of the night loving it... and in 'You're Welcome' he was the lawyer dealing with Sebassis' slave... I can't remember what he was donig in 'Conviction'... but he was there too

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