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June 27 2005

IDMB's Daily Poll: Who's your favourite three letter actress? And Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of about thirty actresses you can vote for to win this much coveted title, currently only three votes behind Catherine Zeta Jones, and the top.

How can this possibly be a "much coveted title?" I mean, really? :)
I think it's just a bit of fun. And SMG is currently in the lead with 25 more votes than Helena Bonham Carter. Good work, people. This is practically an Oscar.
I'm sorry, I had to vote for Rachael Leigh Cook. I sort of a RLC addictee which is especially difficult considering that she made quite a few really bad movies. But she's just so cute...
phlebotinin, if I was SMG, I would quite literally kill all of the other actresses on this list, to win this title! Who wouldnt? The "much coveted" part was a little bit of sarcastic humour there, no seriousness involved!
Ah, the old sarcasm font issue rears its head....sorry, wasn't sure you weren't being serious, Apocalypse. For some reason I've come across folk who are quite serious when it comes to imdb polls. Head-scratching for me, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Yes, I think SMG would most definitely resort to bloody murder to ensure a win. Razor didn't go far enough: the Oscar has nothing on this title. Nothing!
Of course they'll have to limit acceptance speeches. Two minutes max!
Oh come now, I'm sure Sarah is clearing the center piece of her awards case right now to make room for this accomplishment. It will be the buzz of Hollywood ;)

Curious of one thing though. Most actors use their full names when it conflicts with another actor. Yet, I couldn't find anyone other than SMG when I googled Sarah Gellar. Any thoughts?
I bet this is one of the first times Mary-Kate Olsen is up for something that her sister can't be! Poor Ashley...;-)

Why is Catherine Zeta Jones a "(kinda sorta)"?

Madhatter, from what I've heard or read, SMG's first name is Sarah Michelle, even though it's not hyphenated (whew!). I'm sure people don't call her by her full name though; it's rather unwieldy!
Sorry folks, had to go with Jennifer Jason Leigh on this one (check out, among many others, her amazing performance in the too-little-seen drama "Georgia"). Besides, she nodded at me once!
Madhatter, it may not be true but years ago I read somewhere that when SMG joined the Screen Actors Guild at a very young age there was another SAG member named Sarah Gellar who was never fortunate enough to garner many credits. She may no longer be a member. Does anyone know IMDB's criteria for listing people?

I don't if they drop people from the database but I do know they drop their credits. A few years ago my aunt, Ann Sterling, had about fifty credits (from the 40s and 50s)listed on IMDB. She now has only three.
Gaudior- Catherine Zeta-Jones is "(kinda sorta)" because her last name is hyphenated. Also, I'm pretty positive Michelle is SMG'S middle name. The reason why she uses it is because there was already a Sarah Gellar in the Screen Actors Guild.
Ah, thank you Gaudior and jaynelovesvera. I'll run those theories and see what turns up. Good info. Again, thanks:)
fortunateizzi, the Sarah Gellar in the Screen Actors Guild is.....
Heh, I had to vote for Evan Rachel Wood. I'm not that into SMG, and I would've voted for "Buffy" over "Once and Again", but I'm too much of an ERW fan to consider any one else on that list. This was pretty interesting and fun. :p Plus I'm always happy when people actually remember ERW.

For those actually interested in her, you can check out the "Once and Again", "Thirteen" and "The Upside of Anger" DVDs.
I shall go for SMG (even though, for some reason, I always think of Sarah Jessica Parker when I see Sarah Michelle Gellar written down. Must be some sort of alliteration-wiring in my brain.

And, as far as I know, Catherine Zeta Jones isn't hyphenated - she just added her grandma's name, Zeta, to add a bit of glamour. (Also, my strange old brain always hears the exaggerated Welsh pronounciation...Catherine ZEEEEEETA Jooooones:) Well, we all have our internal monologues.
I shall go for SMG (even though, for some reason, I always think of Sarah Jessica Parker when I see Sarah Michelle Gellar written down. Must be some sort of alliteration-wiring in my brain.

It's funny you mention that. I saw Sarah on a programme once; the host was talking to her about winning an award for her style (I don't recall what the award was exactly) and she made a comment that people must have gotten her confused with the other Sarah. It was cute...
looks like Sarah is gonna win she should!

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