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June 27 2005

(SPOILER) Rob Hall's Latest Makeup Creation. Rob Hall was the makeup artist who created favorite demons for Buffy and Angel. This is his latest work on The Inside.

The article is no more spoilery than a TV Guide description of plot, but I marked it for the pure of heart. Also, the transformation will be featured on The Insider at 7:30 tonight on CBS, for those interested in how Rob's company Almost Human puts this all together.

Heh, Tim Minear is very twisted. I like. Big Se7en vibe off this.
I got to SEE him, Simon!!!

He was HUUUUUUGE! But no one would let me poke him. The suit cost $130,000. He was all pasty and doughy like a human Krispy Kreme.
Ohhhh sweet. I'm a tad jealous :). And I'm admiring the fact that The Inside is featured on The Insider. I like things like that.
That guy looks like he's related to Fat Bastard.
If someone had saved Balthasar's fat suit from BtVS' season three episode Bad Girls, Tim could have saved a lot of money. Enough to fly a few of us out to watch him make the show. Please let The Inside last...I'm already addicted.
Wait...are you telling me that Ethan Rom is still alive??!!
I'm with you, m'cookies. I thought Charlie killed that dude!

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