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June 27 2005

Second Spike One-Shot Planned by IDW. "Incidentally, if you want stories set in the past, you should like the SPIKE one-shot that Peter David is doing for August.. and the second one-shot, due in January, which sees Spike in 1940s LA." - Chris Ryall.

Hmmm, 1940s... Probably with the black hair then like he had in Why we fight
1940's LA. Sounds fun! I'm definitely up for it. I hope they get a good artist. The one on the PAD oneshot seems to be pretty decent at the likenesses.
Hey, that's my topic.
Another blast from the past, huh? Count me out.
Excellent! I'll be buying this one as well. Can't get enough of the likes of Spike and Angelus' backstory. What are the odds it's going to involve the infamous Black Dahlia case?
I hope he doesn't have that shoe polish black hair :)
What are the odds it's going to involve the infamous Black Dahlia case?

Oooh, I hadn't thought of that. That definitely would be an interesting topic to tackle in a comic.

I like what they did with Jack the Ripper in the Tales of the Vampire comic, so I actually like it when they dabble with true history.
I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of nod and wink regarding Denver the owner of the bookshop in "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" and "Reprise". Maybe Spike just walking past the book store and looking at the owner through the window and deciding he's not that peckish.
This is cool. Love these back story one shots. Now we need a Faith or Wes one.

I was always facintated with that case. It would be cool to involve him somehow. Like he saw the guy drop the cut up body, or something.
Cool! I maight be mistaken but did ANGEL not have his own mini-series from Dark Horse BEFORE he had the TV-show.
If so this could be a good omen....
No, Buffy had one. I believe,the Angel one started after season one and promptly fizzled and died. They restared it much later with 4 part mini and then left it alone. The Buffy comics also fizzled and died about two years ago. These were owned by Darhorse.

But I love the new artwork and story ideas for the Angel comic and Spike ones, so I am jazzed.
No, there WAS a Buffy comic mini-series starring Angel, as well as an Angel comic series. I believe that the Buffy one existed before Angel's standalone TV debut, but I'm not certain.

And I don't really think it's an omen of anything... but that's just me. World-weary and cynical, cigarette on one hand, whisky in the other, lamenting the girl who left me and the case that I just can't leave alone.
Although I am not thrilled with flashback Spike...I am at least happy that they are giving Spike so much attention, and HIS OWN comics. I just hope it leads to a series for him. If we get some future Spike post NFA I will be happiest, but that could work to this effect too. Present day demon fighter Spike reflects on his past in order to perhaps solve some 'cold case 'type crimes that were of the paranormal flavor. Then we get to see many more adventures for him.
Just wish Joss would let them show Spike after the battle in the alley. We get Angel...but for some reason Joss seems to be keeping Spike off limits. I don't know if thats good or bad.....
Where has it been said Joss isn't letting them do post-NFA stuff with Spike?

He's letting Spike be in the second post-NFA mini, which could be as disruptive to any TV movie as a post-NFA Spike one-shot.
Don't know if you have noticed, there will be spike in post NFA comics. It was announced weeks ago he will be in the second mini following the Angel one. All of the surviving Angel cast will be there. Spike was already confirmed by the author in an interview. It will not be a flashback.

He is not keeping Spike off limits, he is just keeping spike with the group. There are guidelines, that Fox who owns them sets up and nothing IDW can do about it.

Not caring to much on his own comics, but if Dru(since she was hurt and insane where is she at this time period?) is there it will hold my intrest, otherwise I doubt I will give it much care or thought along with my other comic titles. I look forward to the group again. And really finding out if and how gunn survived mostly.

I will possibly get this first one because of PAD, and depending on the writer and artist the seond one if it is intresting enough and does not go into the lame and unrealistic storytelling of "why we Fight."
I saw that interveiw...but I didn't think it confirmed HOW the rest of the gang would be shown. If I remember correctly it said something about some of them being shown in surprising ways. Now maybe this means Gunn or even Wes...that would be cool. But as far as I can tell I just didn't get the feeling that anything was definite. I thought the interveiw said something about certain issues and plots being off limits for the comics... but maybe I misunderstood.

All I am saying is that I would feel a lot better about these comics if I was sure Spike survived and his story was CONTINUING...not being only shown in the PAST tense. If he indeed shows up in the Angel mini series alive...I will be thrilled.

I too like seeing the gang together...that will be great. Honestly I am NOT thrilled with an ANGEL ONLY series either. The best of all worlds would be to see a Season 6 or more play out in comics...that would be something I would definitely buy.

But Spike is my favorite...and IMHO, a series without him is just not worth my time or money...sorry.
He was confirmed by Merriote to have survived and be there non flashback in an interview in the latest IDW comic. Look it up for yourself. But it is not only Spike's story that deserves to continue or should even be always spotlighted as there are many other chracters out there, even if you have favorites. Angel, himself is far from a done story.

To me Spike is A character, nothing more, nothing less. Angel is the lead of his mini, yet the flashbacks in the first will tell how they got out of the alley, so really it not an Angel only. But even season 6, would be season 6 of the Angel show, with Angel as the lead. Something, in my opinion you can not have without Wes.

Time for other oneshots, like Faith or Lilah, or even Conner.

[ edited by FalenAnjl on 2005-06-28 14:59 ]
I think I recall in one of the interviews where the author did say Joss was holding some Spike stories off-limits in case he got to show them on screen.
That was BEFORE it was announced this second mini would be THE OFFICIAL continations of the universe. Infact Joss has said recently there is nothing in the planing stages or works for anything screen wise and then Merriote anounced this was going the ONLY thing that would be official in the universe. He would be not allowed, i believe, to do this if it was not okayed by Fox and Joss.

If it is approved by Fox and Joss , which Merriote confirmed it was, and they are using those who survived, also confirmed, nothing is being held back. We find out how the survive the alley and what is next for them. Two mini's, Two post NFA. Everyone who can has their story continuing, for all the fans and fanbases.

And, the holding back was NEVER only Spike oriented, or even mentioned Spike by name. It said stories, in case Joss wanted to revisit them at a later date. It included ALL the characters. But once again that was before this second mini was announced. And Joss confimed nothing was in the works for the future screen stuff at this time.

[ edited by FalenAnjl on 2005-06-28 15:37 ]
When the first mini was announced, Mariotte said from the beginning that the Angel comics would include the other characters and slowly reveal how they survived the alley. At the same time, he said there were some stories that Joss wanted to hang onto. He always had permission to do post-NFA stories.
Never did he mention spike as specifically those stories. He said stories. NO names attached.NO character attached to which stories. He said from the begining he wanted to do two stories,but Joss said to do the Angel one first and THAT one would have flashbacks of how the gang survived the alley. The second one he came out and said was now aproved and the only offical contination of the universe. Spike is inclueded with the group in the second mini, non flashback. After NFA.Now he also has permission to use spike , the only one who does, post NFA, in the group comic form, for the time being.

I bet he is keeping some ideas,for all the charcters, including the Buffy ones. I dodubt on a tv movie ever, more big screen, it is where Joss is and wants to be. But right now the universe is going forward in comic form, with all characters.
All I know is I read somewhere that someone - either one of the comic book writers or Joss - mentioned holding back some stories in case there was an opportunity to show them on screen. I haven't seen anything to suggest that has changed. There's no need to repeat yourself like that - it comes across as overbearing.
Yeah killinj, you're right I remember reading something about that as well. I think Joss said it, but the life of me I can't remember which interview it was in.

And FalenAnjil, you've have warned before by a moderator to tone down your opinions. I suggest you take notice and do so accordingly.
Sorry,if I come off that way. I am a facts girl. I tend to want them neat and orderly. No harm was meant. My point, that I guess I did not make without being too forceful was that Spike was never mentioned by name as Killinj said, for the stories left out. He was talking Both comics at that point.

The part you are looking for is this from tvguide last week or so: What is your exact involvement with these different comic-book projects?
Joss Whedon: It ranges... For the Angel and Spike comics, I basically told [the writers] areas to stay away from, just in case those were stories that we still might get a chance to tell on film.

Hope I made myslef clear without being any ruder.
FalenAnjl - You've said now THREE times now that Spike wasn't mentioned by name. I understood that the first time you said it. You act as if I was stating a fact when I all I said was I *thought* I'd read it somewhere that Joss was holding some Spike stories for himself. It was a thought that I only felt the need to express once - notice my subsequent posts don't even mention Spike.

The quote you provided is probably the one I was thinking of and interestingly enough it does mention Spike by name - since the Spike comics are about his character - it follows logically that there are stories about him that Joss wants to hold onto. To me, that means Mariotte can write post-NFA stories about Spike or any other character as much as he wants to as long as he stays from those areas that Joss has reserved for himself.

Mariotte said from the beginning he was going to be writing some post-NFA stories that would include characters who survived the alley and the announcement about the second mini just seems to confirm his earlier statements. I'm glad he got the greenlight, but I fail to see how it changes anything.

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