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June 27 2005

Firefly theme based song. Found on - Pretty shiny actually...

That gave me chills.... Shiny!
ahh, my computer is being screwy and won't play the gorram song! I wanna hear it so bad :(
I suspect all 8-kazillion of us are downloading it -- their poor server is getting a mite slow.

Oh Lord, send us a mirror site...
haha, yeah you're probably right. I've had my computer downloading for half an hour and the song is only on 26% completed.
There's one Persephone's Song there aswell now. :)
My damn dial up is only downloading at 300 bytes per second! I definatley need another download link, and highspeed.
My itunes has been trying for 1.5 hours. Grr argh. I can hear snippets, but it won't grab the whole file. And I've got cable modem! :P
Trying to play it by streaming seems to be "problematic" - I just downloaded it instead...
Finally got it downloaded...amazing. I had chills from start to finish :)
I keep getting disconnected from it as I download. Bah.
And now it says I can't access it. Would anyone who did get it be able to share?
As I'm apparently in a sharey mood today ...

I just threw what I have of the file up on my site. I don't think I got it all – the file cuts out at 1:18, but hey, it's something. You can torrent it here.
Has anyone posted it in a mirror yet? I get an error message when I try to dl.
Updating: I have a full version up now, so those of you who had downloaded and were helping seed (thanks, btw), you'll want to snag the whole thing now.
They've posted a torrent up to deal with the massive download attack. I like the song.
Thanks for the bit torrent, Jet. I just listened to it and wow. What a great song. The chorus sounds similar to Joss' original version of Ballad of Serenity. Shiny!
Aw crap... I can't do anything with Torrent files...


Can anyone email it to me at my gmail addy?

ShelaghC @ gmail dot com

[ edited by ShelaghC on 2005-06-28 06:26 ]
just sent it to you Shelagh! but its also availible via normal download on jetwolfs page
ok message failed, you might have to go normal download Shelaghc, sorry about that. Im still seeding if anyone wants to torrent it
Deceptively simple, yet emotively powerful.

Kudos to Michelle Dockrey and EscapeKey
The file should be waiting in your inbox, ShelaghC.
Wow, that's a wonderful appropriation of the original.

The 'folk song' motiff seems perfectly suited to those verse-ian lyrics, and the awesomely talented singer wrings out exacting measures of pain, faith and hope.

Or in other words, this one's going straight to my MP3 player. :D
I've listened to the song 6 times already. Is it too much to hope it will end up over the end credits to Serenity? :p
Providing a mirror, here for a bit for those who can't torrent it or otherwise snag it.
Thanks zeitgeist, I can't use torrents and so will be getting that as soon as I get home.
Thanks, zeitgeist. Mighty fine of you.
no worry :) most welcome, and hope you all enjoy.
Awesome song. If Joss is reading this, you should put this song in the end credits or have it as an easter egg on the DVD or something.
That was awesome! Now I want to figure this out on mandolin - any Colorado fiddlers or banjo players want to give it a go with me? There will be NO singing coming from me but I can do some rhythm back up. Or maybe some pennywhistle...

:::quickly skips out on work to run home and try these tunes:::
Anyone know where I can download an MP3 of this? I can't do the bit torrent thing.
Blwessels, zeitgeist posted a link upthread.
Thanks for pointing that out ESG - I had thought I read all the posts but missed the last bunch. And thanks Zeitgeist for posting that! I'm downloading it now and can't wait to listen to it!!
Didn't work - now I'm bummed!

Edited to add that I had tried to save it first and then listen but when I just clicked on the link it worked after awhile. Took forever because I have slow dial-up. I thought it was really nice but I still prefer it the regular ole' fashioned way that Joss has it done. Very nice lyrics though!

[ edited by Firefly Flanatic on 2005-06-28 22:39 ]
leaving it there for now so any latecomers to the party can snag it.
Thanks, zeitgeist. A beautiful, haunting song that captures the essence of Mal. I've posted the link on our Firefly Meetup board for those who don't hang out here.
Wow. Just, wow. That was lovely. And I'm frankly interested in hearing her parent's CD that's talked about after the song.

And, well, I'm cringing as I ask this question because I'm sure it's lame. I clicked zeitgeist's link to listen. (Thanks zeitgeist!) How do I save it to my computer? I know. I'm deficient.
Ang, for PC at least, you right-click on the link, then click on "Save Target As." I imagine it's even easier using a Mac.
Wow! That was easy. *blushes* And here I was dropping down the "File" menu, not understanding why "Save As" wasn't an option.

Muchas Gracias!
depending on your browser and os platform you may also be able to just hold shift and click on the link to do save as :) glad to be of service on the mirroring

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