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June 28 2005

A Very Fine Firefly Flan UK Event. A bunch of UK Browncoats are hosting a Serenity fan table at Memorabilia in Birmingham, England on the weekend of August 13th and 14th. There's also a shindig at the Express by the Holiday Inn at the NEC Birmingham that Saturday night. So if you live in the UK or thereabouts why not pop along and see them.

A Flan event... Does that mean we'll all get dessert?
That looks like a fun event, I hope people who attend will have photos and reports (I love to hear what other Browncoats are doing); but Simon, why is your name not blue? It is disturbing to me (I hate change).
eta meant orange, not blue (I'm also kind of forgetful).

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Admin and moderator colours don't show up on the front page. VIPs do.
if you live in the UK or thereabouts

I live in the UK, but it's a looong way to Birmingham ;)
Just to make this sound even more shiny, Booster Events have kindly donated a full weekend ticket to their Big Damn Flanvention in LA in December as a raffle prize. The raffle will be held at the Shindig.
Heck, I don't live in the UK and I want to go :) Ok, maybe I just want to go back to the UK again...
Mmmm.. flan.. *drools*
Bad kitty... Baaaaaad...
Anyways, I'm starting to think that France lacks a Whedon convention, or even a sci-fi/fantasy convention... Does anyone know how all this work ?

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