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June 28 2005

The reference material for X-Men 3? Just what does this have to do with Joss? Click on the link and find out.

This is really good news. Now hopefully they'll cast someone who actually resembles the character!
Hopefully they'll cast someone who can act (sorry, but I really am not a fan of the chick from "Lost").
Hopefully they'll cast someone closer to Kitty's age when the character first joined the team.
Ummm SpikeBad in regards to Whedonesque, some Lost star is neither here nor there so I've changed your subject line. The relevance is that Astonishing X-Men is apparently being used extensively as reference material for X-Men 3. Certainly from reading the AICN review for the movie, I could well believe this rumour.

I'll put my reasons in invisible text.

Certainly if it is true, it raises questions about Marvel letting this happen. I don't know much about creator's rights at Marvel but a wholesale steal of his comic book plots is a little bit distasteful. But what do I know?
I keep hoping that even if X3 is the horrible end of the X-Men movies, that Joss can do something with Shadowcat in a later stand-alone movie. He already loves her! What more does he want?
There was a recent interview with writer of the script, came out like two days after the review of this script, saying that what AICN had reviewed was an old script and most deffinalty not the one being prepped to do. The writer said it as actually the first 80 pages of 4 month outdated script.

So I would disreguard anything from the AICN review.
IIRC, the concept of a has been batted around in multiple X-Men story arcs over the last 20 years and was not invented by Whedon.

But cool that they recognize the strength of Whedon's dialogue and used it for auditions. Too bad Linda Cardellini isn't five years younger - the way she looked in Freaks and Geeks was how I always pictured Kitty Pryde, especially when Paul Smith was pencilling.
AICN's Moriaty still says its the most recent draft by Vaughn and Kinberg that was written in 6 days. Who knows what to believe.

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Given the backlash from X fans over the script and the fiasco that is the X-Men 3 production, I'm not surprised the writer was trotted out to say that. Once more script leaks surface, we'll know for sure.
AICN seem to really have something against this movie, so I haven't been paying much attention to them. I never thought she was the right person for the part, too old, too blonde.

Fox really should push the release date back though, it's supposed to open less than a year from now. But if they did it would be sort of annoying, as the rush to make it come out on that date was one of the things that turned Joss off of the project.
I had such high hopes for the third movie after the second... why do I feel I'll be let down?
First off let me be really really happy Grace won't be Kitty. I could hardly think of a worse choice this side of Uma Thurman! Kitty is not a tall overly skinny blond Hollywood model okay? Okay. Give thanks for small favors.

As for the Joss connection, basically it's all Marvel. Generally it's work-for-hire so the company owns all. Of course Joss may have a different contract but I would be surprised if he actually gets a piece of the movie pie.

I read that partial script review of X3 on AICN as well and it was indeed pretty horrid, but it did have some basic elements of Joss AXM plots. (Which I know, in essence isn't a new idea, but it sounds like they're focussing on his take on it, which is fairly distinct)

From the way they speak here though I do hope maybe a different version that draws even more deeply from Joss' comics has been cranked out. Which would be good. Because....ugh, as it is now it stinks to high heaven.

And the X3 production might just live in infamy if it continues like this. You'd think after two hits, the production of the third installment was the easiest decision to make but lord knows how some holloywood execs think. I know Mori had some clear thoughts on that'un.....;)
Bryan Singer's defection to Superman really hurt the momentum of Xmen 3, I hope they get their house in order.
There's even been people commenting on the similarity between the X-Men 3 teaser poster and the Astonishing X-Men #1 cover.
Here is another source on updated x-men casting.

The Gambit thing is intresting and goes with what thewriter had said about him still maybe being cut and not having all that big of part.

It also suggests Scott's role is bigger, the what was previously thought.

My concern is Rogue though.

Would not Marvel own all of Joss's work, to use as casting side's or refrense material as they see fit?
As much as I hope the script that was put up on AICN has been rewritten, most rewrites consist of some dialogue changes, a few scenes changed up a bit, but when it comes to overall plot, that usually stays the same... Which sucks cause that script is terrible... I think what pissed off a lot of people is the fact that it was a no brainer who would write and direct X-Men 3, but I have no idea what was going through Fox's head, they can make some incredibly stupid choices *cough*Firefly*cough*... and that release date made tons of directors, like Joss, drop the thought of doing it.... it's really upsetting... and yea, the whole serum thing as soon as I read that I was like, wait didnt I read this in a comic book once before?? lol... and that freakin promo... my god, it's like they knew if Joss had complete control over X3 it would have been a hit, and since he's not doing it, they gotta rip off all this gold he added to the universe...
If they're using some of Joss' ideas from the comics, then I think that's a good thing (though there are a million other reasons to fear this film). No, Joss would have no legal rights in that regard. Marvel owns X-Men and all stories in the X-Men comics. Fox has licensed the X-Men comics. Hence, they can use any stories from any X-Men comics (and have already borrowed liberally from several Chris Claremont stories, not to mention characters created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby and others).

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