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"I watched Passions with Spike. Let us never speak of it."
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January 20 2003

Emma Caulfield stakes her claim on the big screen in Darkness Falls. An interview at ATN-Zone. She talks about the film and Buffy. Spoilery.

Prize quote: "You know, Iím honestly rarely ever recognized. Seriously. It goes back to my own mother not being able to recognize me in a line-up of one."

I've been waiting to read this interview for ages, its very good. Makes a nice change to see someone being so honest and forthright in an interview.
There's something disturbing that I've noticed in most all of these interviews from Buffy cast members, and granted in all honesty this is a plague across the board when it comes to Hollywood. I mean no one in their right mind is going to speak ill of fellow cast members to the press. However, it's so gosh awful fake.

"...Chaney was pretty new to the business entirely so he was trying to find his way and he did it completely fantastically. He was just lovely..."

Gag me. ASH is guilty of this. Well, they all are. Just once I'd like to hear these guys speak ill of one another. Y'know that when the media's not around they're at each other's throats.
Lol! Nice observation ZachsMind. It's the Hollywood "niceisms" they are taught to say in the media so they don't burn their bridges in case they work with the same people again. I have to say she was pretty forthright and she did seem to genuinely like them - she was nice but not overly effusive - which is usually the warning sign that they are fibbing big time :)

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