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June 28 2005

Bash opens autograph signing area to the general public. The Booster Bash in LA 7/29-31 want to offer people a chance to meet some of their favorite Angel and Buffy alums, the enterance fee to the signing area will be $10 a day availible at registration. The dealers area will be free to anyone who wants to stop by and check out verse related as well as other items for sale.

The list of signers at the Bash currently include;

Mark Lutz (Groo), Camden Toy (ubervamp, Prince of Thieves), James Leary (Clem), Clare Kramer (Glory),
Mercedes McNab (Harmony), Drew Goddard (writer), Jenny Mollen (Nina), Kiss Me Jane (author), Brigid Brannagh (Virginia), Scott L. Schwartz (Ultimate Bad Guy), and Jason Carter (Repo demon).

Signing times for the artist will vary a detailed list will be posted closer to the event. Signing fees for each artist vary and will be listed at their table.

Free dealers area, huh? I might swing by for that. I saw a great W&H shirt in Oakland that I'm still kicking myself for not getting. Those dealers tables have a lot of great stuff!
Glad to see this option pop up again. They used to do this for Star Trek conventions, too.

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