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June 28 2005

Amy Acker out of the"Unit" according to a fan report. They recast her role from the CBS show.

I am very sad about her not being on tv. I hope she finds something else even better.

On the movie stuff, it does go with Joss's recent comments of yes he wants to revisit the universe, but not now. Joss' recent interview, not even a week ago, said nothing was in the works. In fact her talking to Joss goes along with when he talked to Marsters. But then this second comic was greenlighted, so I truly don't see anything screen wise happening.

But it is good to know she is interested. If they do the Spike/Illyria movie some day, you know you will get some great interaction.

Makes me believe more then ever, that the comic will have Fred come partially back, so they can play on Spike's interest in Fred and crush on Illyria.

Well, I think it's promising that Joss is talking to his prospective cast. You have to get those guys on board first, I'd say, before you can pitch anything. All sounds very positive to me! It's the best rumblings I've heard in a long while, in relation to the 'verse.
Geez, that's horribly last minute and I feel really bad for Amy.
Don't they dare pick on our Amy, we will fight for her soul, just like Team Angel!!
Well, just scratched one TV show off my "must watch" list!
I'm with you, Calledon. I think I need to write a little note to the network and let them know.
Really late notice, as they could have told after the pilot was pitched and the changes would then been ordered, instead of waiting till only a week before shooting.

Yeah, you can cross that show of my list too.

But hey, here is hoping she does do more Justice League, the Huntress was in it quite alot towards the end of the season. I kept trying to picture her doing the voice, and for the life of me could not. She did a great Job!
I'll still give it a shot since it's from Shawn Ryan, but this does suck. I was looking forward to seeing Amy play another non-Fred character.
On the movie stuff, it does go with Joss's recent comments of yes he wants to revisit the universe, but not now. Joss's recent interview, not even a week ago, said nothing was in the works. Infact her talking to Joss goes along with when he talked to Marsters. But then this second comic was greenlighted, so I truelly don't see anything screen wise happening.

I don't see the comic impacting any TV movie developments or anything like that. In fact at this rate I see a TV movie happening as soon as late this coming season or next season at least. I'm glad he's been talking to people other than Marsters to reprise their characters.
Let's hope he is talking to others as well. Like Eliza.

The only reason I would think it might have impact is the new statement the comic writer said about it being the only officail continuation of the universe, and that will not be even out until late october. But who knows.
The message says the role was recast, not cut. In some ways, that's even worse, IMO. Poor Amy. Such a good actor. I wonder who got the part at the last minute?
giving it a shot because of shawn and mamet, but no acker makes it less must-see. worried that the meddling of the network will cause it to crash and burn anyway.
FalenAnji - by official continuation, like the mini that comes out tomorrow, I think they just mean it's the only Fox/Joss approved continuation, as in not fanfic. If these TV movies happen Joss will most likely ignore the comics.
This show, despite the involvment of Mamet, went plummeting down my list of shows to check out.


But now Eliza, Jimmy James and Amy are free to fulfill my TV dreams!

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I agree, Jackal, that's how I understood official continuation to mean as well.
Exactly, Nancy Boy hair Gel, the more cast available, the better. :) Gather up James, Amy, Eliza, and whoever else is willing and start making something happen, Joss! You've got plenty of friends, writers, and contacts that I'm sure you can use to help make something happen.. and now some of your greatest actors are available!

P.S. We're still waiting.
Crap. Amy's role being recast? Crap and more crap. I'm very disappointed for her; it must have been a real blow. If Joss is talking with her from time to time about a TV movie, that's kinda nice. I won't hold my breath, though. It's a self-protection thing.
Well...any chance of making an effort to catch that series is gone. Sorry Amy, hopefully this is a blessing in disguise.
Sorry to hear that about Amy's new gig, but at least it sounds promising in that Joss is actively thinking and talking about Buffyverse TV movies. As for the comics, Joss will not have to ignore them since he said himself he made sure they wouldn't do anything that could contradict what he might be planning. He's aware of the comics and from what he's dropped here and there, seems to like what they're doing.

And the writers saying they're the only official continuation, well that's correct right now. But what do they know about what Joss is planning? I'm fairly sure he's not calling them to keep them up to date. Joss will do what he does. It sounds like after Serenity, Joss might make a TV movie happen, which is good news to me.
If Joss needs someone to get everything together, I'll help!

And now I don't have to waste my time watching The Unit.
I feel really sorry for Amy. I don't understand why they would recast her, she's a terrific actress that can play practically any role. They should have been thankful to have her. I hope they at least gave a good reason, but probably not.
That sucks! No way I'm watching this now. I was really looking forward to seeing her on tv regularly.
Sheesh. I can't wait to see who they cast in that role. IMO, no one could be better than Amy.
But now Eliza, Jimmy James and Amy are free to fulfill my TV dreams!
Now I have this weird Angel/Newsradio crossover in my head... Thanks a lot!

Don't see much point in standing behind the comics, telling them what they need to stay away from, just to then discount the comic entirely. Plus to then disreguard the comic would make those coming out saying it was official look a little foolish.

Perhaps whatever, if ever, there is a movie, it happens while Angel is in Romania? But, unfortunatly it get's me even sadder about Gunn's fate. And not sure I care without Wes.

Well as early as a few weeks ago Joss mentioned Faith again,and as late Febuary Eliza and Joss were both saying they intrested in reprising Faith(no wood please)

I may have no intrest in Spike but deffiantly Amy and Eliza,would be enough. What's Vincent doing????

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Well, they will be sorry! Amy is extremely talented! This show has to be one hell of show for me to watch now.

Amy, come back to the 'verse! We love you! James, Eliza, and Amy free now? What are the odds?
Well, no reason to watch that show anymore. I mean, there's really no reason cause the show sounded kinda lame to begin with. So to be honest I'm sort of releaved. Although I do feel sorry for Amy.
Amy being recasted?
I can´t believe this ¬¬
They don´t know what kind of great actress they had.

The creators behind the show are great, but without Amy, I´m not interested.
I have too many series to see next season.

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I hope CBS realizes the enormous number of fans they just eliminated. I can't wait to see who they cast; then we might be able to figure out what they were thinking.…????…Yeah, I didn't think so, either.
Count me in for jumping off the fan bandwagon aswell.
Sucks that Amy's role has been recast, however...

Dunno how many of you have seen and gotten into The Shield, but based on that I'm still going to be checking out The Unit. Shawn Ryan is a former Angel writer (I believe he wrote for Season 2, possibly a bit of Season 1 as well) and The Unit will be his second series as a creator/writer since The Shield.

It almost seems like a step down to be going from an anything-goes cable network like FX to restricted-content CBS. I just hope the guy doesn't spread himself too thin and that The Shield continues to rock.

Oh yeah, and Scott Foley's another reason for me to check it out, assuming he's still in the cast line-up. Goofy and amusing on Scrubs, great as Noel on Felicity. Actually Dennis Haysbert (David Palmer on 24) is an even bigger draw.

This series still has a hell of a lot going for it, IMO.
Don't see much point in standing behind the comics, telling them what they need to stay away from, just to then discount the comic entirely.

Well, when did he ever say he was going to discount the comics entirely? He doesn't need to debunk them or anything. If they don't directly contradict what he does next, he simply doesn't need to refer to them and the comics' stories can take place in between. That's how it often goes with comic stories linked to movie or TV projects. Pretty much what's happening with the upcoming Firefly comic as well. Don't see the problem.

And frankly since Angel is in indeed in Romania and won't be in the movie, that only works out all the better for continuity. (Although I still think it's a bit silly Angel suddenly out of nowhere decides to wonder if the gypsies can remove the curse, but maybe that's explained)

Man, it would be cool to have Spike and Illyria and possibly Faith in that movie though. I hope this all works out.
With plot developments in the comics as big as how they all survived NFA and who survived I would think that would be the type of thing Joss may have his own specific idea for and the IDW stuff is more of an "alternate universe" if these TV movies go ahead.

Jeff Mariotte said it best in one interview:

So if the movies get made, great — then I get to see how Joss would have continued the story, and maybe they'll help the comics sell better. If not, then what I've done, non-canonical as it may be, will be the closest thing there is to canon, and that's cool too.

Amy said, iirc, that she was particularly sad as the Unit had sounded so good. Along with Shawn Ryan's involvement, as he wrote the first episode Amy appeared in AtS S2 'Belonging'.

I think following all the sounds of commiserations, sadness and general 'awww' from the audience she then went on to say she had spoken to Joss about Illyria/Spike project perhaps in an attempt to cheer us up ( adding that she didn't know whether she ought to be telling us this).
Joss has been known to sacrifice previous storylines or totally drop elements for the sake of the story - for example, first it was Angel who sired Spike, then it was Dru. If he'll do that on his own show, I see no reason why he would think himself tied to whatever was written in the comics. I don't think that has any effect on the comics being official and wouldn't make them look foolish at all to me.

I love the idea of a Spike/Illyria project! It's good to know Joss has been making some phone calls. I'm going to keep my rose colored glasses on and let myself believe that things are going to happen.

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