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June 28 2005

Allyson visits the set of 'The Inside' - fun ensues. Contains bizarre hilarious spoilers. A must read as they say.

Really nice set visit.
Loved the part about bad reviews, and how bad that Coupling-US was.

Now we know how their filming schedule has been hectic, that's probably why Adam wasn't able to make appearances in the last Serenity screening last week.
Here's hoping Fox goes for more than the 13 eps, I am definitely starting to look forward to this show each week.
That was a fun read! :)
Numfar PTB, I think Adam was in London, wasn't he?
"But he's on FIRE." ROFLMAO!

Ok Allyson, that was phenomenal. I like the twisted stuff too, so I can truly appreciate your fascination with 900-lb guy.

Thank you. I snickered and giggled my way through the entire read. I so needed that. Tim Minear's brain is kinda scary. (Actually, so is yours.) :) I love it.
That Alycat! She's really something else.
Brilliant, funny, and engaging (did I mention a tad twisted?). Then there's that Minear fella :) Great job, Allyson :)
Very funny piece and cool insights into the wonder that is Tim Minear. Thanks, Allyson.
I read that article, too. Man, the Villian of the Week she was talking about is the most hideous yet. But the show must let someone besides Rebecca be Bad Guy Bait. She doesn't have to be a nihilistic Dana Scully....right away
Thank you -- I about busted a gut.

Tim wants to know why the 900lb cannibal is eating Baked Lays potato chips. This is a good question.

I can't wait for that episode! And what a delightfully twisted sense of humour Allyson has. I do like the idea of sitting in the director's chair, bossing your cat, but knowing my two - it wouldn't work.
"You can't flail on network television."

So many questions answered about the nature of the universe and the functioning the entertainment industry. Thanks for sharing.
I thought it meant Hannigan. Grr I was so confused while reading that. Yes I know it's 1 L.
Great read, thanks. I'm definitely getting more and more hooked to "The Inside", and its twistedness is delicious. Allyson, thanks once again for that highly entertaining read. I swear by my pretty floral bonnet that Tim Minear is a sick, sick, man. ;)
Says they're nearly finished with shooting, which means the entire set where Buffy was filmed is about to be demolished. Main St, the graveyard, Sun Cinema, all about to go. Sad.
Allyson, great show and great article. And now that I think about it, Wonderfalls, Profit, Miracles and Firefly all had a lot of arm flailing. Coincidence?...I wonder.
zz9, what makes you think the Buffy sets are being demolished? I assumed that since they were still there every time I drive by that it would be a while before they tear them down for good, at least Main Street. Do you have some inside info?
Not zz9 but, from what I understand, 20th is giving up their lease on that space. At some point this summer, everyone is moving out and they'll tear down the buildings.

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