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June 28 2005

Bones Series Premiere changed... Fox website updated.

This is a good thing, so that an audience does not lose intrest with the huge baseball break.

I really look forward to this. The promos running on Fox now are very cool.

If only the bastards had given Firefly that much courtesy.

Great! - First "D.B." then "House" - a perfect evening !
Not entirely sure it looks all that good to me in the trailers but I'll give it a shot.
I'll watch it if only to see DB in non-brooding mode - so much fun to see him in the promo acting like a wiseass.
Yes, gingeriffic...I liked seeing him cracking the jokes. I'll give it a shot because, come on, it's DB! Not much yummier than that.
I've watched the pilot and I don't think the show will survive.
They use impossible technology to move the plot forward and silly excuses for her to be in the field.

Also calling a woman "Bones" is just creepy, not to mention the annoying forensic music-videos (ala CSI). Those "labs" are hillarious too, can you imagine the government having such stylish offices?

Then again Crossing Jordan, NCIS and the CSI machine rolls on and on so what do I know.

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