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June 29 2005

Godiva Film in Trouble. It would seem that Tony Head will be forced to wait to film 'Lady Godiva: Back in The Saddle'.

With sponsors backing out Tony Head's latest film is not currentgly filming in Coventry, England. Trust me, I live there! Instead it is to be filmed in Victoria in Canada!!! So a film about a specific city will not be filmed there! I am very disapointed as was looking forward to "bumping into" Tony. The filming has now been moved from this month to September. I read about this in the local paper and this is the only reference I could find online.

This film is in trouble not because they lost a backer but because it has Jennifer Tilley in it. She is a little curse on films! See Bride of Chuckie if you don't believe me.
Well, she just won a World Series of Poker tournament braclet, so maybe she could chip in some cash herself now. $158+ thousand, not too shabby.

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