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June 29 2005

VAMPYR Book Prop Coming Soon! FactoryX has its next Buffy Prop Replica on deck...

/ponders Andrew talking about the 'Slayer of Vam-PYR(E)S'

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The same Andrew that spelt stake as 'steak'? His big board still cracks me up :)

This is a nice prop. I may get one for my niece's birthday. She's a huge Buffy fan and would get a kick using this as a jewelry box.
Will it be like a box or will there be pages? And wow, $129.99 is pretty steep. But it is very pretty.
eta: Oh I see the hinges and now I've read the details, it would make a fun keep sake box.

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If I had a job, it would be so I could just get all this cool Buffy shit stuff. If I had the money, I'd definately dish it out for all those cool replicas that they have. Oh, how do I want the Sword of Angelus, let me count the ways...
Way too expensive...I thought I might buy it and make a cigar humidor out of it, but $129 is ridiculous, in my opinion.
I'd get one for the office if I had any spare cash lying around.
Really depends on the build quality. If it's a well made piece, then the price is reasonable. On the other hand, if it appears someone turned a trained monkey loose with a hot glue gun, all bets are off. Hopefully, more detailed pictures will be shown some time before production.
Christmas present request. I could put it on the coffee table and hide the remotes in it. I want! I want! $129 does seem pricey, but my mommy luvs me... :)
that would be funny to hide the remotes in :)
At least it doesn't look like an old carrot!
I would love this, but as with the scythe, and all the other Buffy weapons that I would love to wander about with...too pricy.
does anyone have any of these prop replicas? I was thinking of buying the cross necklace, but I don't know how good the quality of the product is. Plus, I would love to use the orb of thesula(sp?) as a paper-weight :)
I'd recently received my sword of Angelus and it's quality is outstanding. Very well made (and no, I wouldn't pass it to a child to play with). Also have the scythe on order. Some confusion whether the blade will be steel or zinc. Still waiting on production for that (will report). From every picture I eyeballed, the cross necklace looks great. Been meaning to order it. Just stay away from the spikes.
I've been longing for a Slayer kit since I first got hooked on Buffy. A bottle of holy water, a stake, and a cross necklace like the one Angel gave Buffy. The Vampyre book box would be a great place to put them in.

Not buying though. Too expensive.
The men with the ugly faces want the spikes Madhatter. Give them the spikes that Randy gave us and maybe they'll go away.
Ahh - I wish I was rich!! But I'm not so I can't afford this (and my hubby is already putting up with a house quickly becoming over run with Sideshow dolls - silly man, asked me once if I was going to keep buying them if they keep making them - gave him a blank stare and then laughed!) But, this is definitely cool, love the idea of storing the tv remotes in it!! I'd love to get that Scythe too!! Madhatter, you'll have to let us know how that looks in real life!

Just curious as to how big the "book" is. It doesn't say the size anywhere. I'd hope it would be the same size as the book on the show.
Why do all the replicas cost an arm and a leg. They do realize that all fans are not rich...right? Or do they not care.
The props are just really high quality.
electricspacegirl, an authentic Slayer kit prop would be nice. To date, I've not seen one. Some joker was trying to pass a few off on e-bay several months ago and they were so phony. The bag was nothing more than a man's shaving kit with spice bottles labeled in plain text. Oh, pleaseee! Guess what this whole thread boils down to is there bad props and then, there's good props. You takes your moneys and you makes your choices.

BL, you keep on collecting those dolls 'til your heart's content. Whatever pleases your soul. I've a great-aunt whom has a room filled with dolls she collected in the '40's. Every time I visit her, we walk in this room. She'll pluck a figure off the wall and start 'explaining' what it meant to her. Wonderful. I've a feeling our generation will repeat.

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