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June 29 2005

Eliza helps smokers quit. She has launched a new auction on ebay.

This is really cool. I think I will bid.

Always good to see what she is up to and good to know she quit smoking. Though was it wrong to think she was sexy as hell doing it???

Good for you, Eliza!
This is awsome news! I just saw a picture from the Buffy wrap party and Eliza was holding a cigarette. I was so sad when I found out she smoked and I think this is a great idea to help other :)
She should talk to James. Tell him how to quit patches. I think he's up to 4 now.
Women who smoke happen to be pretty sexy in a fantasy/film noirish way, but smoking is really stupid. I've been off it for a month, but it's tough! Good for Eliza.
For some reason, now I really want a cigarette.
Will power for your health!
I smoke socially, but won't touch it for ages, anyone who has the habbit, must be dreadful, glad to see Eliza give it up and helping others, nice stuff.
Follow the link for the bidding, in the article, to see all the other stars. The guy who plays Lex on Smallville has a mat too.

Plus Eliza is the the head star and featured spokeswoman on the website. It is really cool!
Heh heh, 'Tash... I feel ya...

Seriously, this is pretty cool. There is no one more militant than an ex-smoker, so I'm sure she's got plenty of energy to lend to this cause.

I especially like the fact that she'll be reaching her fan base with this message. Young impressionable girls and women who may have considered taking up the habit for the hip factor.
She's quit before and relapsed. Um, I mean, yay Eliza! She's using her powers for good.

(*goes to have a cigarette*)
It is going to be hard relapse when you are the public face of such a cause and the one leading the charge.

But never been a smoker, so would not know.
Lindsay Lohan is on there too. I always made a sad face when I saw her with a cig so I hope she quit.
Anyone else think it's funny that the article referenced "FOX's hit drama, 'Tru Calling'? Yes, 'hit'... as in 'hit me over the head, if I watch the first season again...'
Willowy, I'm neither young, impressionable, a girl or a woman, but I'm definitely part of Eliza's fan base, or maybe just a base fan, since her hips are definitely a factor. Great cause for her to support.
And here I thought it was her mouth and the way she walked=P
Well, I liked FalenAnjil's first comment. Smoking *is* as sexy as hell . . . what?

And, eh, "it's exciting to tell smokers about tools like the ThinFlex patch that are easy to wear and fit their lifestyles." Scripted much?

But, obviously, good cause and all that.
Yes, the spokesperson-speak was a little much. But this is a good cause. I put myself through college working in a cancer radiation center, and I saw way too many young adults die from lung cancer acquired from picking up smoking at an early age. Anything that helps people quit is okay by me.
I meant as Faith and as part of that character it was very sexy. Obviously a bad habit, but went very well with the Faith image.Just like it did when David as Angelus lit up.That was also very sexy in a tv sort of way. As real human thing in the real world, it is very gross.

I think it is intresting with all those names, she is the one they picked to highlight. It would have beeen nice to here her do the speech in her own words.

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I hope when Faith returns in a future Buffyverse adventure, Eliza will use those fake herbal/prop cigarettes that actors use these days and not risk picking up the habit again by "keeping it real".
So she quit huh? Good for her. I like my women fresh-smelling.......what? Whatchoo all looking at? Anyhoo, interestingly enough Eliza's the only one who's ever made smoking look sexy to me. (In "Dirty Girls" in the scene with Spike)

Btw, she can sign my mat anytime, hehehehe.

Hm, that actually sounded sexier in my head...

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