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June 30 2005

Joss Whedon says Summer Glau did read for Kitty Pryde in X-Men 3. Very nice insight into the casting process over at the Browncoats forum (req reg). Also, Serenity II and III titles revealed. Heh.

Or if you don't fancy registering, click here to read what he said.

No tail sharing! LoL

Here is a more direct link to his post btw - or use this way

Joss obviously does far more reading of posts on the board than writing (only 9 messages in over a year).
It's spooky which threads he jumps into...

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Sadly, I have strong reservations regarding X3. By all accounts, it sounds like they're rushing the production with a last minute director and a not so solid script. *sigh* Back in the day, i was really hoping Joss would get the gig, but I understand why he was interested.
Reg. req.? :-(
Yes you have to register.
If Summer Glau plays Kitty, I'll definatly see this film, multiple changes of director notwithstanding. (Also a good sign that they are using Astonishing 5 to audition.)
Summer as Kitty? That would actually be unbelievably excellent--both in terms of getting an excellent and quite possiblyloyal-to-the-comics Kitty and in getting Summer out of her crazy girl typecasting loop.

Fingers crossed.
well, everyword that RogueScribner said.
Interesting, TLO, that three of the links in your Joss-posts don't go to Joss messages, for some reason. So it may be that he has posted only six times? Or the search function at the site doesn't work properly.

In any case, good luck to Summer. I hope that tail-sharing guy didn't jinx her by posting!
I'm almost hoping she doesn't get it as I can't see X3 being anything but terrible at this point. I guess what I'm really hoping is that she does get it and they somehow manage to pull off a stunning recovery, make a fantastic film and then Joss makes a Kitty spin-off with Summer (or just X4) :)
Very shiny. I do hope that they postpone the release. Anything other than that would be extremely silly and a waste of money. If they don't postpone the release, I definitely hope that Summer doesn't get it because it's probably going to suck.
Joss, don't you know you have to post any movie information with *spoiler* on the thread? Now I know the sequel all about Ricardo Montalban! ^_~

Haha! This is especially funny given all the (mostly well-justified) furor on the Browncoats board over people not putting Spoiler tags on their very spoilery posts over the span of the last three preview screenings.
Didn't Maggie Grace (Shannon) from "Lost" get that part? I've read that in several reputable places, however it is not yet listed on IMDB. I suppose anything is possible though.
There's been a couple sources saying she dropped out, kdavid323.
Would anyone mind quickly filling in an ignoramous like me on what kind of character Kitty Pryde is? Without scoffing at me? (I know I probably deserve it, but please be kind.) I'm intrigued that Joss points to Kitty as his prototypical female hero, but have neither the time nor money right now to deeply investigate X-Mendom.

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2005-06-30 18:12 ]
There are fairly good descriptions at wikipedia or more indepth at or
Seems better to offer links than for me to try and explain :)
Just FYI, phlebotinin, Astonishing X-men's well worth the time and moolah. :)

That said, here's a pretty thorough link about Kitty Pryde:
She's not actually one of my most favorite characters but I can certainly see how some Joss would fall hard for someone written as smart and spunky as she is. Willow's totally based on her, IMHO.
Thanks, Paul_Rocks and BloodyAwfulPoet! I'll do my homework.
Seems to me that Summer would be perfect for the part! Hopefully she gets the opportunity!
Ahhh, I had the biggest crush on Kitty Pryde back in the Byrne/Claremont days . . . I was a shy geeky preteen/teen in London lying on my bed listening to Led Zeppelin and reading Lord of the Rings, she was a make-believe comic-book character who had a genius IQ and the mutant ability to phase through solid matter and disrupt circuitry. We were from different worlds, but what we had was real . . .

Um, where were we? I too think Summer would make a great Kitty. There's one cover - I think a Paul Smith one from the 160s or 170s of Uncanny X-Men, - of a close-up of Kitty, having been attacked but alert and ready to strike back, that specifically brings Summer to mind for me.

(ETA) Ah-ha, found the cover I was thinking of: Uncanny X-Men #168. Not a perfect physical resemblance between Kitty and Summer, but there's something there . . .

[ edited by SoddingNancyTribe on 2005-07-01 00:20 ]
She would make a fantastic Kitty. It's a shame Joss isn't heading X3, I love what he's done with "Astonishing." Ah well, more Joss to go around for Serenity 2 + 3 and Wonder Woman.
SNT - post of the day, IMO :) Thanks for that, and I empathize greatly.
I won't be able to check this out until I get home tonight, but I have a request.

Is there any chance people can post where on the official Serenity site something is when they link to it? This has been bothering me for a while, but, bad me, I did not find the right time to say something.

It is a big site with lots of messages - many of which I did not want to see before I saw the preview. Since this one is from Joss, we can search for it by author and it should not be too bad to find it. Even when you can do a search, however, they only give you threads, not the page. There are long threads over there and you can only get directly to the first or last 3 pages, you have to page through the rest. (Unless I am missing something, which is always a possibility.)

I love that people find stuff in the mess over there and then tell me/us about it, but could you tell me where in the mess you found it?

I know, I'm an ungrateful wretch who always wants more. Gee, I hate people like that. (Hangs head in shame, while hoping people will listen anyway.)
Both Simon's and TaraLivesOn's (first link) posts jump straight to Joss's comments, newcj. But your point is well-taken.
Simon's post jumps straight to Joss's comments *if* you're already logged onto the browncoats site. That's my experience anyway. I've found that if you're not logged on, then whedonesque links to browncoats go direct to the browncoats main page only. Once you log on, though, the link from whedonesque will take you directly to what is being linked.

I agree that it can be difficult to find stuff over there. There is much good to say about the browncoats site but finding specific comments or topics can be a bit of a trial.
Ok. So if I click on the link, log in, come back here and click on the link again it will take me to the specific place on the site? I'll try it when I get home.

All I have ever gotten in the past is the main log in page in any link to the official site - including Simon's and TaraLivesOn's. I try not to leave myself logged on to sites when I leave so I guess that is why it was always like that.

Thanks. I can feel my frustration level lowering even as my embarrassment level rises...nothing new there. ;-)
Somebody couldnt possibly let me into the titles of Serneity 2 and 3 could they? I forgot my password!
As long as it doesn't interfere with SERENITY II: RICARDO MONTALBAN'S STILL PISSED -- or, much more importantly, SERENITY III: SO VERY NUDE.

Actually you can read what he said without registering by clicking here.
Oops. What Simon said.

[ edited by Genia on 2005-06-30 21:25 ]
Much apreciated. Thanks. And i love the titles, just cant wait for the 3rd movie!
Wow, trippy day in Joss-land. Go ahead and have that beer, man. You deserve it! (And who says beer and school are mutually exclusive? *hic*)

I'd love Summer as Kitty Pryde, only like others above I'm thinking that if the X-movie is going to be stinky, I'd rather she not be stinkified by association. And really, the studio should try not to destroy the big-screen franchise before Joss gets a chance to play with it (although admittedly, he's good at digging up and revivifying dead stuff, so all hope needn't be lost even if they do colossally screw things up).
Wiseblood- Do you mean Coloss-ally screw things up?
Simon's link didn't reprint Joss' closing, which I think Apocalypse might also enjoy:
I have shared my tail. (Lord, that's what I actually typed! I mean "tale"! What will people think of me?) No tail sharing. Oh so lame.

now off to make blinis!


I just wanted to share because I am personally very interested in Joss' tail (er, I mean...tale).
Personally I'm interested in his darkest secret.
And I'm more interested in his blinis. Yum.
I'm just interested in anything that man has to say. Sure wish he'd come talk to us more, sniff, sniff. Do you think we've been replaced?

Summer as Kitty? That would be beyond kick ass, that would be kick multi-ass(es?).
Can anyone think of anything Kitty said in issue #5 that could have been used as a side?

[ edited by Dym on 2005-07-01 02:55 ]
Wasn't the scene between Kitty and Colossus in issue five?

The whole thing about her telling him that she can deal if he's a clone or whatever, but if he's a shapeshifter watching her squirm, she'll kill him with an axe? Powerfully written scene that...and quite possible to be used as a side.
Harmalicious, I would be very surprised if Joss posted here again until well after Serenity opens. Nothing personal, just business. He needs to get people to the Serenity site, and posting there is one way to do it.

...And the logging in, coming back and linking worked just fine. Thanks. It does sound like a surreal experience for him. I think that kind of stuff is going to happen to him more and more.
yes, yes, I know. Duty calls. blah, blah, blah. yada yada yada. I just miss the man.
Then again, Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, do they?
Dude, I'm SO over this site. I'm NEVER posting here. First of all they totally spelled my name wrong (there's no 'esque') and second of all, THERE'S NO RECIPES!

I think I've made my position clear.
Harmalicious, you're our lucky charm! Or maybe it's herb. Or newcj.

Welcome back, joss. Saw your movie. Loved it. Worshipped it, even. I'm madly converting everyone I meet so they see it, too. Met Morena. A goddess. Love Summer Glau. If she wants to play Kitty Pryde, I want her to play Kitty Pryde (even though I'm still learning who Kitty Pryde is.)
Pellucidly so . . . anyhow recipes are so

Here we have, like, words and stuff. It's cool.

Welcome back. :)
SoddingNancyTribe, between my blibbering, sycophantic, telegraphic bursts and your use of "pellucidly," we've scared The Great Man away. Someone, quick! A recipe!
Wow, I'd better not say anything about Vikings.

And to echo SNT, welcome back :)
Well! And here I'd been thinkin' you'd forgotten us. Nice to see the purple, big guy, and welcome home. We've missed you.

And Serenity? Thank you. So much.

More please.

Insatiably yours,
Welcome back, Joss. Stick around, we have recipies.

Take one thought, combine with one subject and one predicate. Repeat as needed. Serve. Feeds infinite number.

Variation for experienced cooks: Try multiple related thoughts combined with subject and predicate. Be sure to let cool and taste before serving.
Oh the dilemma! to post and say Hi Joss :) and then come off as geeky, or not to post and miss the possiblilty that he would reply, perhaps to my post.... and then should I include something about the top link in order to not risk the wrath of Simon et al by causing off-topicness... Perhaps this should have been an internal monologue...
Also, hosted a midweek party last night, newbies and fans in attendance. Watched Out Of Gas and Once More, With Feeling. Huge love all around. And the Musical entranced and silenced a two-year-old for the entire time. Do I even have to tell you how amazing that is?

Another generation of Joss-fanness (fannity...fanarama?) is born. Huzzah!
Hi, Joss! *waves* Thanks for stopping by!
OMG! There's no 'esque' in Whedonesque. I can't belieave I've been saying it wrong for all these years. At least now I know how to say your name right. Josh Whedon.
Thats Whedon with a silent L. Hi Joss!
Mmm, recipes ...

That brings up an interesting maybe only to me question: If a Serenity-themed pre-premiere potluck meal with friends was being considered for September, what sorts of foods would be 'verse-appropriate? Protein stuff (as has been mentioned on the show) leaves a lot to be desired in the description department.... (It's not a line of thought without precedent -- the ST:TOS fandom had their own cookbook, after all, complete with plomeek soup recipe. Yum! And everybody knows that food and fandom go together like, um ... beer and school.) Anyone have any ideas out there?

(Incidentally, who's the wiseguy that splashed purple on our pristine black board? The nerve of some people ... what would Joss think? ;)
What, are you kidding? "Sweeney Todd" is playing in NY for the first time in 20 years? The "Demon Barber of Fleet Street" should draw a lot of attention this fall. Even if Sweeney is played by an actor who last portrayed Hedwig to perfection. Do you keep up, Joss?
Well, any decent Firefly/Serenity gathering would have to have strawberries and several cans missing the labels so you don't quite know what you're getting! But I think the main protein would have to be something like tofu, which I would imagine would've been what they served a lot on Serenity. And a parcel of apples, courtesy of Jayne's guilt would be a good selection too. And of course, you can't forget the Mudder's Milk - there must be a recipe for that somewhere on the net...

1/2 c. unsifted all-purpose flour
Pinch of salt

2/3 c. low-fat (2%) milk
1 lg. egg white
1/4 tsp. butter
1/2 c. low-fat cottage cheese
2 tsp. honey
1/8 tsp. ground ginger
Pinch of ground cinnamon

In a medium bowl, combine the flour and egg white. Make a well in the center of the flour, add the milk mixture and stir just to combine. Grease the bottom of the skillet with the butter and set over moderately high heat.

When the skillet is hot, pour in 2 tablespoons of the batter, rotating the pan the make a thin pancake. Cook for 30 seconds or until set, flip and cook 20-30 seconds longer or until golden. Transfer to a plate, top with a sheet of wax paper and repeat until all the batter is used.

Place the cottage cheese, honey, ginger and cinnamon in a food processor or electric blender and whirl for 1 minute. Spread each blini with a tablespoon of the cheese mixture; fold in half, then fold in half again or roll. Arrange on a plate with mint leaves and a dollop of apricot preserves. Makes 8.

Before seeing Serenity, my girlfriend and I went out to a fancy Chinese restaurant. Pretended we were on one of the Core worlds. =)
Don't know if Joss will be glancing back here, but if he does (and even if he doesn't): When he did his impromptu poster signing in the lobby, I told him how I had an "unnatural crush on a comic book character" when I was in junior high thanks to Kitty Pryde and he told me that he shared that crush. I thanked him for bringing her back and making her cool again and he slyly told me, "she's gonna get even cooler."

Summer would be wonderful as Kitty.
Doh! The complete line should say, "When he did his impromptu signing in the lobby before the Serenity screening last week."
Hehe. Coolness. Maybe we should have a recipe section here in Whedonesque. We should also correct the spelling - it should be Josh Wheldon instead!
Oh the dilemma! to post and say Hi Joss :) and then come off as geeky, or not to post and miss the possiblilty that he would reply, perhaps to my post.... and then should I include something about the top link in order to not risk the wrath of Simon et al by causing off-topicness... Perhaps this should have been an internal monologue...

An internal dialogue would have been a lot more scary.
Damn, I always seem to go to bed just before Joss posts and therefore miss out. Still nice to see him back here again :) Especailly posting just to say hi, makes us seem special.
Dumb question: what's a 'side'? I mean, I can tell what it is from the context, but what does the name mean?
Oh great...I finally get to read the Joss post and he runs away!
Honestly you think your safe from the man, that he's not actually lurking at his 'puter late at night, wondering what we all really think of him, and then, like a cold hard slap with a wet hand...he posts!! Saying he wants recipes, no less?!
Daggnamm you Whedon and your witty ways!

I have no recipes for you today.
Melsta, "Sides" are the part of a script that concerns a particular character. Instead of getting a full script of the entire play/show/movie, the actor is only given the scenes in which they have lines.

BTW did I mention that there are many times that I like being wrong? Unfortunately it very rarely happens when I hope it will. Thanks Joss, for proving me wrong at one of those times. I should have known I could count on you. ;-)
Yea, were wrong! Cool huh.
Uhm.....take a bowl........pour milk in it......uh, and add cereal.......uhm.....

My recipes suck. I know. Uhm. Add booze??

Sigh I'm gone for a few days and there's Joss interviews left and right and Joss posts. I think he just waits till I'm gone.

Btw Summer would make an excellent Kitty Pryde. Far better than that 'Lost' chick.) Also I can't shake this image of Joss going "Do *I* know Kitty?? Are you kidding me??" And then going all Andrew on poor Summer for an hour or two about Kitty's backstory. And Summer going "Uh Joss....uh, I gotta go. Thanks okay? No I think I got enough, really..."
-Joss: "No no wait! THEN, after Peter broke up with her, she...."

Hehe. I can see it now. By the way, anybody here want her backstory? Cuz I know it ALL! And it will only take me 48 posts! All as long as my arm!!;-)
Damn your acerbic wit (and in such a pretty package). You don't make me question my manhood at all. I'm not at all sad that I'll never be as smart or funny or sexy....(sob).

[ edited by Nancy Boy hair Gel on 2005-07-01 17:29 ]
Quid pro quo, baby. I'll give you a recipe when you give me a movie. Oh wait, I guess that means I owe you one.

Squash soup or Handy Dandy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies?
WTF, I dismiss him ever coming back, even putting in Jerry's yada yada bit. Turn off my computer. Herb, with his Spanish Inquisition bit (cuz no one really expects that one)...oh well, glad to spark his mind. And John Weldon, if you're still on, Summer would be quite intriguing as Kitty. Funny how worlds mesh. Loved the movie, saw it in Chicago with Summer....uh....many, many rows behind her. Thanks for the post, yo.
Hmm. Jerry Weedron posted once after I said that while I was looking forward to hearing about people's experiences at the Con, it would be nice if we heard from the man himself.
Then Herb says that no one expects the Spanish inquisition. And Jory Wellington posts. What do these have in common? He comes out of lurkerdom when people from Canada post!
He likes us. He really likes us.
Oh, pipe down Jane.....I don't think the Canada thing is the trick, although I know electricspacegirl has got him to post, and I believe she is from Portland. Good theory though.
What? When did I get Joss to post?
Portland is near Canada! ;-)
Oh, this was a long time a January?? No??? Maybe I'm wrong.

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