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"Miss Rosenberg. How lovely to see you again. Have you done something with your hair?"
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June 30 2005

Joss Whedon reveals his darkest secret. And it's not what you think.

Very probably his best comic book interview ever. Congrats to Mark Millar and co for their new magazine.

Joss is so cute. I love that his voice is captured so well, even in interviews.
I don't get the facination with kitty Pride, but then again I am the same with Rogue.

Great interview.Sounds like he got bitten HARD with the Box office bug and that is where he likes placing his talents. Cool.

He really is ALL about Serinity. That is cool. Makes me think maybe more of a chance for a certain actress on that crew to get into WW. Perhaps?????

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He's pregnant? That's as likely as a vampire having kids!
Unless he's pregnant with Norman Osborn's super-powered twins, I'm not interested.
Speaking of pregnant...any news on his actual bun in the oven? He'd said at the Kerry Fundraiser in October that Kai was pregnant. Seems she'd have had the little one by now.

*Hopes nothing went wrong*

*Hopes Joss wasn't yanking my chain*
Joss is always pregnant ... with ideas. Let him bear litters if he wants :)

And then there's this re: WW --
Just be myself. Take equal parts James Cameron and Vincente Minelli, add 1/2 cup Miyazaki, a dash of Spielberg, two teaspoons of Frank Borzage, and stir.

Anyone else get a headrush trying to picture that? Just, wow.
The sad thing is that I call myself a serious film geek with and, after a quick look at IMDB, I am stunned that I can't remember seeing a single film directed by Borzage. You guys don't know what a come down this is for me.
Just for some background info:

In issues of The Amazing Spider-Man from this winter, JMStracynzki wrote a retcon (retroactive continuity) story about Osbourne seducing Gwen, and then she had twin freak babies in France right before she died. People were up in arms because Gwen was THE virginal, pure character of her time. I thought it was a cool story, but many people were royally ticked. Maybe J Dub was one of em.

That is all. There will be a quiz.
Rogue Slayer, I believe they had a little boy, their second. Peeps, correct me if I'm wrong.

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Another great Joss interview. I particularly love the Gwen Stacy comments. Personally, I enjoyed the super-powered twins storyline, but, then again, I didn't start reading Spider-man comics until long after Gwen was killed off. So it could just be I don't have as strong of a connection to the character.

And... umm... I really couldn't tell if Joss was saying he liked Daredevil or not, but I'm going to pretend he liked it because I happen to like that movie (despite the very bad, and unnecessary CGI).
If anyone wants to see some disturbing visuals regarding this...go to the browncoats board.

Though you may have to be one of those "I've seen serenity" people
"Not to radically alter the X-Verse, just to poke at it for a spell. And make Kitty have sex with Norman Osborn and give birth to super-powered twins."

Joss rules.
I believe they had a little boy, their second. Peeps, correct me if I'm wrong.

Ah, you'd have thought it would have made some ripple here! And I thought Joss said it would be a girl, but I don't remember so well sometimes.
I wonder if the pregnant comment is actually for real in a way,
perhaps his wife (Kai) having a third kid?
Does anyone have a better link for the Wizard article to which Joss refers in this interview? I clicked it but it didn't go anywhere useful. Sorry to be a bit dense, but I'm finding the Wizard site a little hard to grok.
Hey! Since Joss is pregnant now, you think maybe we should throw him a baby shower?
Hey guys, Joss posted over on the Kitty Pryde/Summer Glau thread in case you missed it...
Oops! Wrong thread.

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Simon! yesterday you said you wanted to know what Joss' darkest secret is, today - you post this!
*sputters in disbelief*
What else do you know?
I don't understand how this man still can be so incredibly funny in every interview he does? Doesn't he ever run out of batteies like the rest of us?
Ah, you'd have thought it would have made some ripple here! And I thought Joss said it would be a girl, but I don't remember so well sometimes.

Relatively sure their second was indeed a girl, named Squire.
Hey what gives?
It don't show up for me, I just keep getting a gorram error page.

Sorry been watching Firefly for the last few hours.
Hehe, he's always funny. And hated the spiderman-twins storyline idea as much as most fans. Hey I started reading long after the famous Goblin storyline too, but it's been referred to enough times throughout the years that I've always known its significance. And wish modern writers would just leave it the frag alone!

And while the storyline wasn't badly handled, the basic idea that Gwen would just spontaneously jump into bed with Norman is SO out of character that it's ludicrous. It would be like Willow suddenly deciding to sleep with Buffy's dad. And then the 'oh her daughter looks like a clone of her' thing....Ugh.

Now all that's left to wonder is what powers Kitty's wondertwins will have when Joss introduces them!!!;-)
I hadn't read the supertwins SL, I have read and liked a lot of JMS stuff, but wow. I hate the story and I didn't read it. The very idea of the story repulses me/is so out of character that I don't want to read it so I can continue to like JMS. Joss was hilarious in this interview (shock!).
Just to add a little postscript to the discussion, my understanding of JMS's "Sins Past" arc was that Gwen's hop into the sack with Osbourne was based on almost the exact same emotional state as Buffy hopping into the sack with Spike. Sometimes people do stupid things, unthinkable things, uncharacteristic things when they're not thinking straight. That's real life.
Personally I thought it was a bold storyline for such a mainstream comic, and I admire JMS for having the brass to even attempt it. Unless people take those kinds of risks then the monthly comic may very well be doomed, as Joss refers to in the interview (see the link there?).
I've read some of the early Spider-Man stories with Gwen Stacy in them, and I don't see how anyone could have ever grown attached to her. There's a reason why the writers dumped Gwen and went for MJ. She was just a more interesting character to have around. Gwen was little more than a plot device.

Talking about characters being more than just a plot device, get in line Whedon! I got dibs on Kitty Pryde! I've had a crush on her since Uncanny X-Men #168 back in 1983. Mee-yow!
Marvel had a great deal of interference in the plotline, which was originally going to be about Peter's children. Thy hate the idea of Peter having chldren in the 616 Universe. They've already killed off one of them. And, god, the Clone Saga.
A wonderful and funny interview! I just love the way the mind of Joss works.

And I wonder why the flub about 'Toy Story' actually winning the Oscar for its screenplay hasn't been mentioned yet?

And as a huge fan of 'Spider-Man: Blue' by Jeph Loeb, the idea of the Gwen and Norman is repugnant on every level.
Um...the 616 Universe? What's that?
batmarlowe, have a look at this link which explains what the 616 Universe is.

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