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July 01 2005

Serenity VFX Supervisor Loni Peristere talks. Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Serenity CGI man talks to the Serenity Movie site. Also includes two new pictures from the film!

Wow. The ship looks gooood.
*saw the movie* IT DOES
I like the indepth detail we get here. I can't claim to understand it all but it certainly lets us into the process.
Go to and check out their Demo Reels!!! Good stuff!
Great stuff! I'm so excited to see this film, and my wife and I have managed to miss out on all three of the pre-screenings so far, gorrammit. I realize this is slightly off-topic, but since I'm trying for the first time in my life to remain as close to 100% spoiler free I haven't been reading anyone's reviews of the movie so far... but could anyone that's seen it please give me just one tiny bit of info? Please, please tell me that there's still no sound in space.
Haunt, as best as I can recall from one viewing, there is still no sound in space.

Oh, apart from that one scene where Mal sings "Going Through the Motions," and the spaceships in the background do a sort of jig in time with the music . . . but that's it.
Thanks, SNT. I've watched the trailer about a hundred times and there are definitely cliched space opera sound effects in it, but I was just hoping that was all tacked on just for the trailer.
They are within atmosphere at that point, so it is ok!

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oops. Double post somehow.

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Zoic rawks. Here's some trivia to show off at parties (or waiting in line for the movie!) did you know that they do the effects for those facinating HP commercial "picture book"? (video clip)

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