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July 01 2005

Serenity Trailer Hits TV (sort of). The Serenity trailer was featured on this week's "Coming Attractions" on E! Entertainment Television. Looks like it first aired on June 30 and there is a repeat airing coming up on Saturday July 2. Coming Attractions site for more info. (reg. req'd for the original news source)

I've been TiVo'ing "Coming Attractions" for weeks now hoping it would turn up sooner or later. I saw the trailer with "Batman Begins" and hoped that meant it was about time for it to make the TV rounds.
Ya know, I went to see Batman Begins specifically to see the 'Serenity' trailer and damn my luck. No freaking trailer.

I saw it on "Coming Attractions" (at least that's what I think it was) about a week and a half ago on the STAR! channel up here in Canada.
I saw Batman Begins today and Serenity was the first trailer. It was kind of grainy and didn't look as good as the one I downloaded (don't know what that was about) but being the loyal Browncoat I am, I showed my support by giving a big "Wooo!" at the end. Nobody else seemed affected.
Joss and Serenity apparently were also mentioned on "Extra" June 18th (but look how they spelled Whedon)
Yay for Google Video!

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I saw it before 'Land of the Dead' and about half the crowd beat me to cheering...that was nice!
I saw that Coming Attractions and yelled "YES" in my own bedroom.

My cat rolled her eyes at me ;.;
Wow, there was cheering at the Land Of the Dead movie! Hmmmmm... what country are you in misterblue? See, I could see cheering for it at that movie, if your in the UK or Australia. It's an odd one to market. I know when we were chatting to the marketting ppl, the other lady who was with me was a huge Shaun of the Dead fan, which was really kool. I thought that was pretty nifty.
USA - more specifically Seattle, WA...and I had just attended a Serenity preview the night before...
The Serenity Trailer was in "Batman Begins" for me... I made my boyfiend go VERY early so we made SURE to see it. He rolled his eyes and smiled, as I stood and clapped.

No, I wasnt the only one. : )
I thought it very appropriate that a Jossverse actor be the one to introduce "Serenity"- Ethan Erickson played Percy on Buffy. I rather liked his performance as a dim-witted pretty boy, and he's pulling off almost the same feat by being a host for E! :)
I went to Hitchhiker's Guide specifically wanting to see the trailer (well, that and a general big honkin' love for the books), but alas it wasn't there. To make matters worse, the movie mostly sucked.

But then it was attached to Star Wars!! I was so surprised I made a loud Yelp in the theater. :D Then it was attached to Batman Begins, which I saw in a very crowded theater. I was stuck up front, so I couldn't tell what the whole audience thought, but the guys behind me sounded pretty dang psyched, with appropriately timed reaction sounds.

Seeing that trailer in a theater really brought it home for me: It's really happening! We're really getting a Firefly movie!

OMIGOD, you're right, that WAS Percy! I knew he looked familiar, but after a while, if you watch as much stuff as I do, everybody begins to look familiar. He hosts the show exactly as I'd imagine the character Percy would host it. So bizarre.

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