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July 01 2005

Serenity panel at Comic-Con International on 7/16. From 2:15 - 3:15 in Hall H.

Joss, Chris Buchanan, and almost the whole cast will be there. Alan and Morena are not listed.

'bout time! wohoo!
Hall H, that's the huge room that seats over 6000 people. But there are a lot of bad seats, in the back you can hardly see anything except what's on the screens. I'm thinking I might have to just stay in that room all day to make sure I get good seats near the front.
Four days until issue #1 - woohoo!
Sweet, that's the day I bought a ticket to. I hope that this happens.
Well it if is true and no reason to doubt it, we'll probably do a thread for it. Oh and I think the Serenity comic book will ship a day later than usual cause of the 4th of July holiday in the States.
Well, this is good news. Please report your findings.
Ok, I know this is a stupid question, but the panel is actually regarding the movie, right? Hopefully with peeps from said movie? It's not just going to be the people working on the comic, is it? Because, as cool as I'm sure the comic is, it's not worth staking out a spot for hours...

I know it says 'Universal', but I'm wondering why DH is counting it as one of 'their' special panels. Just because it's related to their comic?

Well, if it's about the movie, it's what we've been waiting to hear. The Comicon is basically our yearly vacation(yeah, we're geeks, I accept that)and we're always tickled when Jossverse folks show up.

Now the real dilemma...get up front for the panel or stay in the back/outside to rush for autographs once it's done....
Simon is right Serenity #1 should be the 7th unless it's a shipping a day ahead of everything else.
They announced months ago on the Official Serenity board that Joss and the cast were attending Comic Con. I bought my 4 day passes based on that assumption. And if it is Hall H, well, that's where they hosted Star Wars and LOTR and Sarah Michelle Geller last year. The place is huge!!

Now the real dilemma...get up front for the panel or stay in the back/outside to rush for autographs once it's done....
Last year I had to make that choice, and chose to miss the panel in order to get autographs. At Wizard World I watched the panel and forego the autographs. I am wracking my brain to decide what to do at Comic Con....I really hope they arrange it this year so that we can do both.
....I really hope they arrange it this year so that we can do both.

I don't see how they can arrange that, unless they give everyone in the first 10 rows(or whatever) tickets to the autograph signing, because you have to exit the Hall to get to the autograph area, and whoever's closest to the exits will get their first!

And just a thought, this could be the last Comicon they will all be at if Serenity doesn't do well enough for sequels!(I know, I'm already biting my tongue, but it had to be said.)
At wizard world I left early to get in line for the Cassaday signing and then for the whedon signing.
Joss at San Diego Comicon is pretty much a tradition now and given the thunderous reception last year, I think we can mostly like count on at least a few, if not all, of the BDHs showing up...if for no other reason than that there are worse places to be on a Saturday in mid-July than San Diego.

Actually, I might be leaving early too. But not to get autographs. There's a spill-over into the Will Eisner memorial panel. I'm sure Joss would agree that, if there were any justice in the world, that would be as hugely attended as the Serenity panel will probably be.

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At last year's Comic-Con, my first convention ever, I learned that you have to really choose either going to the panel or getting autographs. The first panel I went to was Fox's "Tru Calling" presentation, which was pretty much a Q&A with Eliza Dushku. They said that afterwards Eliza would be signing autographs in the autograph area, so I strolled over there right after the panel only to find out the line had been closed.

Last year, the Serenity panel was on Sunday afternoon (I think at 1pm). I got in the autograph line at about 10am (there were about 30 people in front of me) and started talking to the people directly in front of me. They weren't really big fans of our BDH, just keen on getting all ten of their autographs, so I made a deal with them. I would save their places in line while they went around to get some autographs in the exhibit hall and check out a couple panels if they came back during the Serenity panel and held my place in line so I could go check that out.

This year, I think I'm just going to go for the panel. I always spaz out in front of celebrities (and last year, they wouldn't let you take pictures when you were at the table, just while you were waiting in line and they were only allowed to sign the mini posters). But we'll see what happens.
I think at Comic-Con, if you try to wait until after the panel to get in line for autographs, you most likely won't make it, because people start lining up for the signing hours before. If you try to get in line after the panel (or even leave early), you might never make it to the front of the line before the signing time is up and they cut everyone off.

I really hope they arrange it this year so that we can do both.

I've asked about this, and it will never happen because the actors' time is limited, so they will always go directly from the panel to the signing area. And since many people will always skip the panel to line up, there's no way for people at the panel to ever get in the front of the line.

The only way to do both is to try to get someone to stand in line for you while you're attending the panel.
See what I mean?
I've asked about this, and it will never happen because the actors' time is limited, so they will always go directly from the panel to the signing area. And since many people will always skip the panel to line up, there's no way for people at the panel to ever get in the front of the line.

Actually, there were quite a few ticketed events last year, where you picked up the signing ticket early and then went to the panel. I know that Dominic Monahan's signing worked that way, and it was ideal, because you could go to both the panel and the signing.

Last year my husband was perfectly willing to stand in line for me, but the people in the line already were adamant that I couldn't do that, if he stood in line for me, they would under no circumstances let me switch places with him later. I had never run into that before and found it rather scary.
I tried to get a ticket to the Dominic Monaghan/David Wenham signing, but it was chaotic. They were passing out tickets randomly in front of the New Line "Return of the King" booth in the exhibit hall. People were pushing and yelling and the security guy handing them out was giving them to whoever he wanted. I was being knocked around so much (almost run over by a lady in a scooter), I decided it wasn't worth it.
do you guys know when they post the schedules for the other days besides thursday? i had to blindly buy a ticket for saturday and it lucked out, but i would have been pissed if this panel was on another day and I couldn't go because they didn't publish the schedule.
I was there last year and the way they conducted Eliza's autograph signing was very strange. She said she'd be signing autographs when someone asked, so loads of people left to go and line up. I decided to stay and listen to the panel since I'm not really into collecting autographs so that was fine. Afterwards I went to meet up with a friend and they were stopping people lining up until a certain time. Needless to say everyone was milling around and sitting in any and all nearby seats, but if they paused for any period of time they were asked to move. Anyway, when the time for lining up arrived, there was a mad crush. I was pretty much caught up in it and somehow ended up getting through. It was an idiotic way of doing things IMO, but I think they did that with a couple of autograph sessions and of course it meant that people could see the panel and get autographs. I don't know if it was just the more unplanned autograph sessions that were conducted that way or not though. In my mind, the autograph sessions should be ticketed. I think it's a bit dumb that huge fans either miss the panels, or miss the chance to get an autograph. They should have the chance to do both.
jealous, jealous, JEALOUS! Have fun for me!
The whole schedule is up now. Looks like lots of Jossverse participants, David Boreanaz, Charisma Carpenter, Seth Green, Amber Benson, a panel on The Inside with Adam Baldwin, Tim Minear, David Fury and Jane Espensen, and best of all, Joss and 7 of our BDH!!!! Looks like Alan and Morena won't be making it, but the rest will be there!

They are also previewing Nathan's new movie, "Slither" at the Serenity panel
Awww, I was hoping they were all going to be there. Oh well.

Wow, so only one hour for both Serenity and Slither? Last year our BDH got the whole hour. I hope the Q&A doesn't get cut too short. I wonder if the writer and cast of Slither will be overshadowed by Joss and our crew.

And for anyone who's interested, in the Serenity RPG:

(Sunday) 10:30-11:30 Serenity Role-Playing GameóMargaret Weis, Jamie Chambers, and Renae Chambers of Margaret Weis Productions Ltd. answer your questions about the new Serenity RPG based on the upcoming movie by Joss Whedon. See demos of this exciting new game and get free promo material. Room 4

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Maybe someone (mods or einral?) should update this link by listing it as confirmed with the entire schedule up now.

This is great! I've been waiting for the full schedule too. Last year's was phenomenal...I'm looking forward to meeting some other fans at the SF Browncoats table too!

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They're putting Slither *with* Serenity? Ok, if Serenity only gets half an hour, I'm gonna be pissed. This was the climax of my Comicon experience, reduced to a half hour? And I bet they do Slither first so people won't walk out. Cuz no offense to Nathan, it just doesn't sound like my thing. But if they do Serenity first, at least I can leave and get some shopping in(won't even attempt the autograph line).
I wish stuff this cool would happen in the northeast states. I would love to attend, but can't. I really want to see Adam Baldwin and David Boreanaz, and they both are attending. This is killing me.
I've also put up my Comic-Con schedule on my Live Journal, but we're not supposed to put self-links here, so I can't post it...........

(Yes, that's a hint. *laughs*)
Krad, you can put a self link link in a thread though...
I can't believe they're cutting the Joss panel in half!! As said above, he is a staple of the Con. Has been for years and he is received like a god there by fans. Last year there were a couple of thousand people cheering at the mention of his name and the panel with him and the Serenity cast went in overtime! The reaction was huge! So now they think it's a good idea to turn that into half an hour??? To chop half their time off and have us look at some cast I never heard of from a movie most people won't be interested in??? What are they thinking??

Hey I don't want to begrudge Nathan's movie a chance to be mentioned but come on! They're trudging out the cast for that movie too so they're gonna sit there and gab for a while! With a room full of Joss fans!! There's no comparing the level of importance between Joss and the FF/S cast and a Slither for most Comicon attendees and genre fans! To me this feels like "Sorry Mr Spielberg, we cut your speaking time in half, for this Lifetime movie." (yes hyperbole, I know)

Krad, you can put a self link link in a thread though...

True. But it's not really the same having something buried in the midst of a separate-if-related thread.......

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