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July 02 2005

Angel Complete Series (R2) Box Set. To be released on Halloween 2005.

UK release only at that time apparently?
At least we won't have the widescreen R2/fullscreen R1 issues with Angel like we did with Buffy...
Stupid question: do they have a Buffy Complete Series set? I am watching Buffy for the first time right now (I know, I know!) I am on season 6 right now and just today watched Once More With Feeling 3 times in a row! What genius! I have all of Angel and Firefly but haven't wanted to buy all 7 seasons of Buffy separately, hoping that they will come out with a Box Set. Haven't seen one except for the discount that Amazon gives for buying all 7 seasons together. Does anyone know? (I'm in the U.S.)
They don't have a "box" for R1 of Buffy. Just all the seasons bundled together. I don't see whats the point of the box since the content is the same. Now maybe if Joss went back and did a commentary for every episode. Mmm.

and R2 should probably be edited into the link.
Thanks eddy. I guess I was holding out for a box set because I imagine that some day they will fit all episodes of each season on one disc. I suppose that day isn't coming all that soon.
i hope it's like the beautiful special-edition-box (the one with the letter by joss) and not just all season-boxes together in a shoebox (= choices directs btvs-complete-set)
Lovely, all we need now is a Ultimate Buffyverse Box Set.

Director N/A
Starring N/A

No picture available yet either. It seems as if their research department is not quite up to speed.....
Sounds cool. Ideally, I would have liked to have waited on both the Buffy and Angel full series boxsets, but I would have missed out on so much time I've spent watching the DVDs. It's nice to have a complete set, but I already have every season of Buffy and Angel seperately so I'm not going to pay out almost as much money again to pay for them again.

What was the packaging of the Buffy series boxset actually like? I really like the bible style on the Region 2 boxsets, although Buffy season 1 is completely different so it sort of ruins the continuity, and I have to take the discs out of the season 2 box and store them in a CD wallet because there are no cloth protectors and they get scratched against the cardboard. Does anyone else have any better solutions to the dreaded season 2 boxset?

But apart from that, I do like the packaging of all my Buffy and Angel DVDs on one shelf. So how does the Buffy series boxset compare? I assume it's more compact?
I'm going to phone 20th Century Fox's media department if I can find a number and ask them about the boxset..

For those who don't know, the Angel S5 VHS boxsets they did were pretty laughable. They got the director names wrong for the episodes (Boreanaz's episode was apparently directed by somebody not even involved with Angel), and they got episode names wrong (one was "A Whole In The World", which was both on the box and on the actual titling of the tapes as the episode started).
So how does the Buffy series boxset compare? I assume it's more compact?

It's really beautiful - close to a cube shape, with fold-down flap, all in a sort of dull old-blood colour. Some friends have it - they used to borrow individual seasons from me!

Small photo here
There was a "Complete Buffy series" box set on a while back. It cost roughly Ģ140, but it was quickly sold out. Now, the website doesn't even have the item listed as "sold out!"

I've been waiting for a complete Angel series box set for years now, and I'm greatly looking forward to this.

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That's pretty funny Gill. You can buy it new for 230 GBP, buy it used for 260 GBP, or buy the (presumably used) "collectable" collecter's edition Buffy for 450 GBP.
Iīve been waiting for this since i saw the Buffy pack.
I have Buffy Box Sets so I wonīt buy the complete set, but I havenīt got any of the Angel ones, so this is perfect.

The problem now is that I donīt know if I should wait for the possible Blu-Ray/HD-DVD version :s

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Yeah right, like I *waited* to buy Angel dvds, I already have all of them! I always buy Joss stuff *the day it comes out*.
I doubt you can wait for the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD set because all the big companies are finding it hard to sell to movie companies. So it'll be about another 5 or so years before Blu-Ray/HD-DVD really takes off. For now Blu-Ray is being used for the PS3 and HD-DVD is being used for XBox 360. DANKA
It's really beautiful - close to a cube shape, with fold-down flap, all in a sort of dull old-blood colour. Some friends have it - they used to borrow individual seasons from me!

But what is the inside packaging like? Is each season the same or are they different colours? How are they packaged, in two disc cases or in digipacks like Buffy season one? I think I remember reading that there is one booklet with all the episode descriptions in it, so perhaps all the discs are in one digipak? Could you please post pictures when you can, as a matter of interest?

As a side note, completely off topic, I just ordered Fray and Seven Seasons of Buffy- Science Fiction Writers Discuss Their Favourite Show.

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