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July 03 2005

David Boreanaz will be at Comic-Con for "Bones." He, Charisma Carpenter, Amber Benson, and Seth Green all look to be appearing (on different panels) on Friday, July 15.

"Friday, July 15.

4:00-5:15 Bones A new procedural drama that centers on forensic anthropologist, Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel, Spider-Man 2, Cold Mountain). She and her team of scientists put their skills to use to help FBI special agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz, Angel) crack extremely difficult cases by examining human remains to help determine a victim's identity and cause of death. Join the stars of Bones and executive producers Barry Josephson and Hart Hanson for a sneak peak at the pilot episode and a Q&A session. Room 20."

Just amended your link title, FA, to confirm that Charisma, Amber, and Seth will also be there on that Friday. Too bad I won't make it to Comic-Con this year . . . ;(
There's also a panel for "The Inside" on Friday with the entire cast (including Adam Baldwin), Tim Minear, Howard Gordon, David Fury, Jane Espensen, and Craig Silverstein on Friday from 5:30 to 6:30 in Room 6A. Should this be it's own thread?
I am trying to get there. Thanks SNT.

Want to see the Battlestar people too. And of course DB. Last time I went, I saw Seth, Andy, Joss, and Amber. It was cool!
Shucks, I could go it but I'll be in Florida which apparently is on the other side of America.
Simon, you'll already be three-fourths of the way there from Belfast. Might as well go the extra mile. OK, extra 3,000 miles...never mind.
I am very happy a lot of Buffy/Angel alumni will be there. I'm guessing Room H will be packed with Joss and Kevin Smith at the same room...though not at the same time
wish i could go!

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I liked the first episode. Though DB is still very "Angel-y", and he did mention a redemption thing...
I don't think DB will ever kick out his "Angel-y" habbits or ways. I've seen the same in Alysson Hannigan, when watching Veronica Mars. It's the little things they do, that after years and years of watching, we will never let go of or forget.
He wasn't like Angel AT ALL. Angel alway did the banished puppy look. Booth is confident-chin-up guy.
Okay, not "Angel-y" but "Angelous-y"
I'm so looking forward to seeing DB on Bones. I tried to download the pilot but it wouldn't work for me. Rats!
It is incrediable! Really funny, snarky and they have great chem. Db gets some very humorous moments and does great with all his looks. She is really cute and does great as the lead character. The supporting cast is very fluid. The special effects and crime parts keep the auidence very involved. It moves fast and even the scientific parts are easy to catch on to.

I liked the end redemption thing because he was a sniper. It fit. I did not see alot of Angel in him except for the end and one other part. Otherwise he smiled alot and really never missed a beat. The opening sequence is hillarious.

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