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July 03 2005

Fantastic fan report from Australia. Transcripts of Q&As with David Fury, James Marsters and Tony Head.

Yeah the link goes to another Whedonesque page but this deserves to be linked to on the front page stuff. Kudos to reidca for this.

Wow, Thanks so much, reidca. That was an amazing read, extraordinarily detailed. It was the next best thing to actually being there. Great job!
Nice job.

I think I love Tony. He was very Funny.

It did not surprise me Smg and Db worked the hardest or were the most serious, they knew the show was on their backs. Good to hear Tony and her have a fab relationship.
Thanks reidca, that really rocked.
Would rather Faith.And very glad she is still a high option.Even with Illiyara, I have barely a passing intrest. Though I would guess she would play Fred/ Illiyara and it would be romantic. But still not seeing anything for a long time.I think, first Serinity. Then if it does well, he is already wanting to jump on baord for a second movie, and there is still WW, which will take ALOT of time.

Since Joss has to do it himself, still think it will turn into a big screen one day.

All these superhero movies are making me want WW all the more, to see a well done female movie.
Fantastic job, reidca!
reidca - I was there too on both Saturday and Sunday and my detailed record of it is something more like:
DF said funny stuff
JM said funny stuff (but not as funny as DF because the questions on Saturday were all "squee" questions)
ASH said funny stuff
DF as above
JM's Q&A was much better because the questions were better
ASH sang (and boy can he thump out 'Sweet Transvestite"!)

So even more impressed by your report - how did you get all that stuff down?

My first con ever: it was great fun, the Q&A's were informative, the guests were wonderfully charming and the queues were a pain in the ass!

Funniest moment for me was as ASH was siging my OMWF script book on the Sunday, I said to him that not that many people had understood his "wide boy" reference at Saturday's Q&A. As I was walking out on the Saturday, someone in the crowd had said that she didn't understand how being fat justified being insulted as a wide boy! The joys of cross-cultural slang! ASH thought that was tremendously funny!

Would I do it again? Absolutely!
Argh! Firstly THANK YOU Reidca, that was such an excellent fantastic report, I seriously appreciate all the work you put in it. Secondly, I am beyond beyond jealous! Thirdly, Catalyst, did you manage to videotape any of ASH singing?? Or did anyone you know there have a Videocamera? I would like, kill, to have been there for the Sweet Transvestite song.
I'm glad you guys had such a great time. Was there very much Whedonesque meet ups?

p.s I got my package on Friday Catalyst. Thank you!!!!

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omg. i LOVE ASH. sigh.

what a lovely, lovely person.

and many many many thanks to reidca for sharing it all.

and tks to Simon for linking it. yay!!!
Spike/Illyria. Love them both. eeeee!!
BTW, I saw the Rove Live transcript and thought it was really nice that James Marsters stood up for the Buffy fans and convention goers when the show took a cheap shot calling us/them "geeks and losers who never had a girlfriend"...even if he did feel that he was really defending himself as a former Trekkie.
reidca, you said that James would like to play Richard II because he didn't much like what he's seen so far. Do you mean Richard III?
Wow - what a detailed report. Thanks Reidca! Sounds like a fascinating weekend.
And Lioness, I wasn't there, so I obviously don't know for sure, but given the context I'm guessing the Richard II mention is accurate - Richard II is the one who's portrayed as a wuss, Richard III is the evil one.
Spike/Illyria! Yes!

reidca, great notes! You rock! How cute is ASH? jealous now.
Reidca you are absoloutely brilliant :)
acp, I was thinking it was Richard III because it is a much more interesting play(IMHO) and it has been tackled by everyone from Al Pacino to Ian McKellar in recent years. And one note, Richard III in the play is evil, no doubt. But not in actual history.

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