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January 21 2003

(SPOILER) James Marsters dropped some hints for the finale at a convention in Sacramento last weekend.

"I finally found out myself what Joss is planning...and I'm SURE as hell not gonna tell you guys...but I will tell you guys that the end of this season is going to be...very romantic...very heartbreaking...and you guys are probably going to HATE it". Has he signed on for a further season? "Contract wise...No...Personally....Yes"."

Higher up, same page: "Mission Impossible III: Pennsylvania's The Cosmopolite Herald indicates Marc Blucas (Riley from "Buffy") is amongst several young actors in talks with Tom Cruise for a key part in the next film, likely a younger relative of Ethan Hunt."
Cool, I didn't notice that. That would really boost his profile if he got the part.
but here's the thing: i think out of all the actors that've been on buffy/angel, marc blucas is the least deserving of super-stardom.
You've a right to your opinion, PunkyStar, but I respectfully disagree. I've yet to see any actor cast for either Buffy or Angel that has been a dud. Marc Blucas took the dialogue and stage direction given him and did an admirable job. I've noticed some fans of the series intermingle their appreciation or dissatisfaction of a given character with their appreciation or dissatisfaction of the actor portraying the role. From the college library to the helicopter, Blucas gave one hundred and ten percent. I for one don't see how we as fans deserve to ask for anything more.
Sort of OT: I watched 'Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back' the other night, and totally hooted my way through the "Scooby-Doo" scenes---why? Marc Blucas was playing "Freddie". :D
So what do you think, what is that romantic thing James Marsters referred to that we are "probably gonna HATE"? Whedon can't stake Spike... It would be not only a disappointment but considering season 6 and what has been going on season 7 DECEPTION!!!

About the earlier rumours about Angel appearing on the finale... As a B/S shipper I sure do hope that he is not gonna make Buffy and Angel a couple-could it be any more boring?. If there would be second best option even I would go for Buffy/Angel but there isn't since I think Buffy and Spike belong together. Anyone?

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