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July 03 2005

Buffy the Fruit fly?! "Fruit fly researchers try to be creative when naming new genes."

Never thought I'd read an article about fruit flies and Buffy both being in it!

I hope Joss gets to read that posting.
LOL - I'd love to hear what he thinks of that! And Buffy beat out the Borgs too for the honor of that naming!
Buffy is replacing Borg with most researchers

Hmmm I wonder why?
Very cute, but this kind of research is like Wolfram and Hart stuff...
As someone who had to study fruit flies I think its great that Buffy gets a mention! There are other genes in drosophila like hedgehog (looks prickley) and when it was found in humans they called it sonic... or the time a gene called mad was paired with a gene called max... I know, its a whole other level of geekyness
Yeah, Buffy is kicking the Borg's ass. :)
Here's the full Buffy entry from the fruit-fly genome database. As vera says, there are lots of other clever names in there.
Coolest find! I laughed aloud at Ken and Barbie.

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