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July 03 2005

Comic-Con 2005: Finally, some names to drop. "But last year Comic-Con was able to tout a huge "get" - the notoriously reclusive Sarah Michelle Gellar, best known as Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Article also mentions the schedule of events at this year's comic con and check out the last entry about the discussion about which fictional space ships could beat each other. Our very own Serenity ship is one of the ships being discussed!

Nice to know that SMG is considered a huge "get"!

how early do you have to get to these panels to see them? i want to see kevin smith, serenity, and then kate beckinsale on saturday, but i don't know if i'll be able to get into all of those, since they are one right after the other.
Hi Steve

If I'm reading the Saturday schedule correctly, you may not need to move. Kevin Smith and Richard Kelly are appearing at 1PM, Serenity is at 2:15, and Beckinsale is at 3:30 all in Hall H which is a 6500 seat venue. I have never been to ComicCon; but, from the coverage last year, you could just remain seated and the performers would rotate in at their sheduled time. I'm sure someone who was at last year's ComicCon could fill you in on the exact details.
Didn't SMG joke last year that the # 1 reason why she didn't go to conventions was that "there just isn't enough merchandise with my face on it", she might not be there in person but her face is probably around there somewhere.

Clearly she should do an unannounced appearance with Kate Beckinsale under the heading of 'Vampires and those that slay them' preferably together with Joss and some Sunnydale alumni.

The Audience could get to hear the words in everyones minds,
- A show about Vampires and Werewolves huh, why didn't you think about that, Joss ? Could've been a hit. :)

Might not do much for Underworld II, or it might, all publicity being in some way good publicity.
They're making a sequel to Underworld, maybe Joss could give them a few tips. Like how about having a plot. Or interesting characters. Kate Beckinsale is gorgeous but her charcter in the first movie was so one dimensionial it's suprising she didn't fall over.
Most of what was wrong with Underworld could be attributed to the way it was cut. Tightened up a bit, and a slightly quicker pace would have done wonders.
Personally, I kind of liked Underworld and don't mind the thought of a sequel one bit. No way is it comparable to anything of Wonder Whedon, but what is right? But in response to jpr, if there was a sixth season of angel maybe we would've seen Nena (I believe that was her name) becomming part of Angel's crew and there's your show with a Vampire and Werewolf. Since that didn't happen though, guess the next logical move is a new TV show ala Eliza as Faith, James as Spike, Seth as Oz and who knows what other buffy/angel alum's we could throw in there while we're at it. ;)
Oh and if that want a "witch" and "goddess" as well, alyson and amy could also be a fitting pair. Really, what is there that couldn't be done? (retorical question of course)
I loved the look of Underworld and didn't have any problem with the pace but what I thought lacking was what Joss is fanntastic at, making us care about the characters, making us believe their actions and motives. We're supposed to believe Selene breaks the sacred rules of the coven for this guy but they only actually spoke about thirty words to each other in the whole movie. Why did she even care about him? In the opening voiceove she spoke about loving the 'job' but we never saw that in her actions. She just looked like someone doing their job and thats it.

It did have its good points but I will always dream of what JW could have done with it.

And I think they thought "Hey! Let's make a movie with vampires AND werewolves! That'll be cool!" wheras BtVS always came up with the story and then came up with the MoW to fit.
zz9, I agree with your assessment of Underworld. I don't regret the time spent watching it, but have no desire to see it again, and it's doubtful I'd watch a sequel.

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