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July 04 2005

Yankee Doodle Buffy. Zap2it picks its TV heroes just in time for the 4th of July holiday.

And a Happy Independence Day to our American posters :).

I'm glad Buffy gets a mention, she certainly embodies the idea of selfless hero.

Happy Independence Day!
Happy Independence Day, indeed! Def would want Buffy on a all star hero team. Glad to see Due South getting recognition as well.

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Ah, this was awesome. Believe it or not, the local paper where I am over the holidays (the Daily Oklahoman) had this article printed in one of its sections. It was a great pleasure to wave it in my mother's face and show her that despite what she may believe, I'm not the only one in America who likes the Buffster.
Nice to see Lucas McCain get a mention. I'm probably the only one here old enough to remember "The Rifleman".
No you aren't jaynelovesvera...but it was in reruns...honest.
Yes, Due South...that was fun!
Happy Independence Day you lot across the pond!
Bartlet For America!! I've just finished watching the first four seasons of "The West Wing"... what a tremendous show. Now I'm really sad, because I hear seasons five and six completely blow (Aaron Sorkin left at the end of season four) and season four ends cliffhanger-ish.

Oh, and yay for Buffy too...
Ahem. I remember The Rifleman, first run.

And I'm happy to see Buffy here. We saw Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmastime eps. I wonder how Buffy would celebrate the 4th, had first-run episodes been broadcast during the summer?

Anyway, happy 4th to all!
jaynelovesvera, like palehorse, I remember The Rifleman in first run too! My little sister had a crush on the kid she called "Little Boy Mark Mark."

Buffy during the 4th...a very interesting notion!
palehorse and Chris inVirginia, I salute my fellow travellers on the road to middle age (actually I arrived and set up residence there some time ago). Of course, the seasoned perspicacity of the scintillating prose of your sharp-witted posts here at Whedonesque surely proved you two were somewhat past the sophomoric proclivities of...*SLAP! POW!*...there, I'm better now-sorry about that alliteration thing.
janyelovesvera, that was indeed somthing powerful...stunningly pungent and startlingly provocative...*SMACK! PUNCH!*...

I'm done here...!
What he said.
BaFfler - an article praising a West Wing character was in the Daily Oklahoman? What bizaro newspaper is this? The DO has to be one of the most conservative pieces of crap I've ever read (IMO), and why in the hell are you going to Oklahoma for vacation? It has to be for family, it's family right? Sorry, spent my college days there....had to open the battle wombs.

woo hoo, Buffster! Would have liked to see an Angel and Mal nod, but cool all the same.
I admit to middle age, especially since I have just gotten back from spending an extremely middle-aged birthday watching the NYC fireworks...but I'm sure the Rifleman was in reruns... (scratches head and wanders off mumbling to self)
I'm 41 and I know I saw the Rifleman too as a kid but I also think it was in re-runs. Does anyone know when it aired?
Harmalicious...yes, I was going to Oklahoma to spend the holidays with my parents and extended family. As for the rest of your remarks, let me just say that as a conservative and a native Oklahoman, I doubt we'd get along--whatever our shared entertainment interests might be. Word to the wise: opening a conversation on the information superhighway by taking potshots is a risky might run into somebody who cherishes the things you distaste and resents your lack of tact regarding them, as I do.
Ok. That's the end of the discussion, BAFfler and Harmalicious both.
Agreed. Sorry, Herb. It's just been one of those days, and I shouldn't have let it spill onto the board. Apologies to everyone.

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