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July 04 2005

What's in a name? "Our Girl in Chicago" finds an interesting passage in Mary McCarthy's autobiography, Memoirs of a Catholic Girlhood.

A very random thing to stumble upon in these internets.

Yes it is rather. Nice find, if only just a short reference. Kool mate.
Hmmm... isn't Finn the name of Marti Noxon's dog or something?
Yeah. Finn was the name of her(or some body's..can't remember exactly who) dog. Thus the name of the character in the show. I remember seeing it in one of the DVD specials..a few weeks ago as a matter of fact.
I thought there were two dogs, one named Riley and the other named Finn?

Maybe I'm wrong...
Huh. I've read that book (thanks to Dave Eggers). Never made the connection.

Y'know, there was a biography of the Queen Mother called "My Darling Buffy". I saw it in a shop this one time.

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I thought her dog was named Riley too.
Maybe Marti Noxon knew the firm's name, not neccessarily having read the McCarthy book, and just liked the sound of it. (Though I'm pretty sure that Principal Robin Wood was named after the noted author/film scholar.)

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Well, not only dogs are named Riley and Finn (see first photo on the left):

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