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July 05 2005

SMG's Southland Tales character has her own website.

Thanks to Gunji and ameri_star at

Kinda weird. Her character is a stripper, right? Intriguing concept though.
I read somewhere she was a porn star. Love the "Now" logo.
Haha, I'd like hear that as a song. Cause it's a musical right?
Well, I've been checking the web site for the movie for some time, it's slowly growing with the "novels" still to come...well done so far, once completed it should be really interesting! Particularly enjoy the "puzzle" that forms the map! Sarah's character's site again looks promising (although I can't support the pro-abortion reference assuming that's where they are heading)!
Pretty this some kind of ARG? I had no idea they were doing something like this. Also I very much support the pro-choice reference. :D
Now that we have one opinion from each side, I would personally very much support the Whedonesque is not the appropriate place to talk about such issues as abortion option, ok? I believe plenty of alternative fora exist that cater to that kind of discussion . . .

I'm still unclear as to whether ST is actually intended to be a musical. Seems like Richard Kelly in one of the more recent interviews or profile pieces suggested that it was less a musical than a movie with songs, if that distinction makes sense. And, alas (for me at least), we know that SMG will not be singing in Southland Tales.
Yeah, sorry SNT. I sort of meant it tounge-in-cheek.

Anyway, maybe it'll be more along the lines of what Magnolia did with music. wasn't my intent to start a debate and I would agree that this isn't the place to resolve the issue (not that there is such a place)...still, the original link was to the webpage that clearly offered a specific point of view so using that criteria....made it pretty hard for me not to comment given my ideology.
No worries you two. Just wanted to head off a potential kulturekampf on this page.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to download (or is it upload - never can get that straight) the krysta-now webpage so I can't assess how relevant your original comment was, Calledon. Even so, that debate will lead to nothing good here. Thanks for your forbearance.
SNT here is a link to the picture on the page if you can't load it up.
Hey, thanks for that, eddy. Now I have a wonderful mental picture of SMG performing the rhyme at a poetry slam. :).

And in what will be my last reference to the political debate, we should also remember that these are the views of a fictitious character, and not necessarily of the writer or actress or anyone else . . .
That's why I can enjoy the site....Kelly appears to be going all out for this movie and I'm hoping this may be the break Sarah needs! The home site for the movie, as I mentioned before, is really interesting already and I can't wait for the "novels" to be added. There was a reference to Sarah having a copy of the first one on location prior to completion of her last movie (previously "Revolver") so I'm hopeful it will be added to the site soon!
Since she's a stripper/porn star, it may be relevant that Krysta Now rearranged yields KNOW SATYR. Or not.

Also thanks SNT for heading off what, though unintended, would probably have been a messy debate.
It also yields..."work nasty"...LOL!
Cool marketing campaign.
Im really looking forward to this movie, and Im hoping the same, Calledon.
I agree that Richard Kelly is going all the way to promote "Southland Tales". I would never expect that SMG's adult film character would also be a poet, or that we'd get some examples. IT does look like it could be set to music, even if she's (maybe) not singing it. I wonder if we'll get websites from other characters from the film.
I hope that this role breaks SMG out of her current casting sterotypes and into the stratosphere of the elite few who can pick whatever job there heart desires.

Also I heard Kevin Smith will have a role. My anticipation for this movie is second only to Serenity.

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...and the Rock and Tim Blake Nelson and Sean William Scott and Amy Poehler and at one time I heard Jason Lee, but we shall see :) Wait? Work Nasty? Is Ben... Glory?

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Wow! Site upgraded already...really looks like a "real" person's site...very impressive!
I found an additional page:

Shape without form.
Shade without color.
Paralysed force.
Gesture without motion.

We are the hollow women... the stuffed women.
Violent souls... tortured spirits.
Our dried voices, when whispered together...
Are quiet and meaningless as wind in dry grass.

Remember us... for it is a new day.
A new dawn.
The time is now.
I'm Krysta.
Krysta Now.

Join us for an in depth discussion of the penetrating issues facing society today.
Issues like terrorism.
Civil rights.
Quantum teleportation.
Teen horniness.

For this... this is the way the world ends.
This is the way the world ends.
This is the way the world ends.

Not with a whimper... but with a bang.

Krysta Now

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Yea this really looks like it'll be a goodin!

Kevin Smith and Kelly talk heaps about it on the commentary for Donnie Darko directors cut.

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Did anyone notice the copyright on the poem under 'music' (caution: poem content is controversial enough that I shan't mention it specifically) is for 2008? What could it mean?

/raises one eyebrow
giles: The film is set around July 4th, 2008.

If you go to the Southland Tales site itself, it now links you to the Krysta Now site if you follow the right road under "excitation mechanisms".

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