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July 05 2005

Sideshow Survey asking for what figure you'd want next and what new line would you like to see next.

I said I'd like to see a Giles figure next for the Buffy line and that I'd love to see a Firefly/Serenity line next! They also ask what's your favorite website and I put down Whedonesque for mine!

I sent them an e-mail awhile ago asking if they were going to do a Serenity line and they responded by saying:

Unfortunately, we are not permitted to disclose information on future products until this information is released to the general public through our various media sources, including our newsletter and website.

But maybe if enough of us respond that we'd like to see that line it will become a reality - and garner more publicity for Serenity.

post for serenity people!
I put down Numfar as the next figure I'd like to see. Of course, I put down Whedonesque both as my favorite news site and favorite fan site. Also, a Serenity line.
i said i love to see a 12" ripley from aliens. i was going to put down giles but i knew thered be MANY ppl choosing him anyway. btw what did you all put for your fave sideshow product?
I said the Spike figure. That was a hard one to answer because I love all my Sideshow BtVS figures - well, maybe not so much Faith.

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I also said I'd like to see a Serenity line, and as for a new piece from an exisiting license, I asked for Caleb!
OOH! Caleb! Yes, I want a Caleb figure too!!! Well, I really want a figure that looks like Nathan Fillion!!
I'd like a life size figure please, better yet, does anyone know how to make a Nathanbot?

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Crap. Where's Warren when you need him…

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