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July 05 2005

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 27. The latest Q&A with the merchandising designers mentions the possibility of more busts, the designing of more super-articulated action figures, and how many versions of Wesley come with glasses. SDCC, referred to several times as the site of launches and previews, is the San Diego Comic Con.

You always beat me to the post Craig!
Hmm... I'm very excited to see what the next line will be - hopefully we can get a Quor-toth Connor - I want to complete the Angel/Darla/Connor family!
I want a Lilah and Lindsey boxset. They mine as well have been regulars. I think Lilah was in 37 episodes and Lindsey was in 21 episodes, Darla was only in 21 and she got made...
What about Gunn? the AtS 'family' is not complete without him, and Doyle perhaps (just wishin' but I shouldn't think they will happen)
Would love a statue of Faith/Angel from 5by5. The end scene where she breaks down in his arms.

And a deffinate yes to Both a Doyle and Conner anything! Maybe a street Gunn from his first ep.
Of course Gunn! I didn't mention him because he's going to be in the next Angel line with Cordelia, but they won't be out until next June. *wink* *wink*

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