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July 06 2005

New Serenity trailer on to air on GMTV. UIP have confirmed the new international trailer of SERENITY will air this Friday on GMTV, most likely in the Entertainment Today with Jenny & Ben section.

GMTV! GMTV! What! UK based morning TV show, showing a trailer for a film in three months time! Really, honest?
I've added a link etc. And if gossi says it's airing, it's airing.
Blimey! Thanks Gossi (and Simon). I shall be late for work!
I have checked with Jenny at UIP directly, and made damn sure it's okay to post online.

If we want a laugh, email GMTV from their website asking for details of exact time etc etc etc - if they get a torrent of emails it'll spike their interest.
An exact time would be nice since I never watch GMTV, can't stand it. I will of course make an exception for this though.
Glad it's true, not so glad about having to watch GMTV.

At least a lot of people should see it now, I believe the show gets quite a good share of the morning audience, though if it is on at 8:35 (like I'd read in some places) a lot of people might have already switched off and gone to work.

Things they better not do:
a) Have some git talk over it.
b) Run a banner for their phone-in poll or whatever across the bottom of the screen.
c) Have some git introduce it by saying that he doesn't see how it will be successful because it was based on a TV series that can't have been very good because it got cancelled.
Cool! What fun. Come on, UKers, follow gossi's advice: email GMTV and spike their interest.

So when might this good news translate into a downloadable/internet watchable trailer? Greedy now.
I'd imagine it'll be on the internet within 10 minutes. As for a proper official copy, who knows.

[ edited by Ghost Spike on 2005-07-06 17:10 ]
Well, I've e-mailed asking for confirmation of the time!
I've fired off an email, wasn't sure if I should make it seem as though I was only tuning in to watch the trailer or not. I guess if I am then they'll be happy it's bringing in new viewers...
I'm always late for work anyway! Wooo! And, might I add, a big hoo!
Interesting how updating of the official Serenity website seems to be coinciding with the release of the international trailer. I hope this means that this trailer will be online Friday as well.
Does anybody here in the UK have a TV card? If somebody could rip it, it'd be great. I'll host the file (I have a very high bandwidth server ready).
What a good week for you Brits. The Live 8, the G8, London's winning the bid for the 2012 Olympics (a particularly warm congrats to you for this), and now the new Serenity trailer. The stars are shining on you! (Although as I post this, CNN is showing live footage of police clashing with protesters at the G8.)
I don't think those are live, palehorse - that was happening this morning (UK time). Unfortunately the G8 has bought out some violent protesters, but as always a vast majority are there for the right reasons (a minority spoil it).

I expect another Serenity UK announcement either next week or the week after, also.
Would this announcement happen to have something to do with screenings? (it's hard to type with that many fingers crossed :) )

It is a shame that these kind of protests are always marred by idiots, I guess the problem is that there's just too many idiots (and some of them are the reason protests are needed in the 1st place).
Gossi, the newscasters said it was live (it was the CNN International news), but perhaps it was replayed. In any case, I would have to agree with Paul_Rocks about idiots -- among protesters and among those the protesters must protest. But, back on topic, I hope you also get screenings. From what I gathered in London, the GMTV folks are so present-oriented and gushy towards the entertainment industry. I cannot imagine their running the trailer so long before the film is released without something else on the immediate horizon.
I don't mean the August screenings, actually - althoguh you'll hear more about that soon too, I gather. It's something else, and tres cool.

Just heard - the trailer will be going online after it's on GMTV. I will probably be helping get it online. We don't ahve the resources of Apple for this, so you know - it's going to be fun keeping it online under the resource usage!
Thanks for everything you're doing to help us UK-folk gossi, it is most apprechiated :)
I can't wait for the tres cool announcement :)
Ok email to GMTV on its way :D
Tres cool and not the August screenings! Date being moved up perhaps....or Joss got my message about the offer of tea and cakes at my local art fesitval if he comes? I'm even more excited than normal!
Jen and Benny, I shall be watching!

And yay! London 2012! Its going to be great!
Serenity 2012 - Lame Star Trek Time Travel Movie. I can see it now. (Apologies for the shite joke).

As far as I'm aware the movie isn't moving, by the way. I'm pretty sure that rumour was crappy.
Let me join momentarily in palehorse's and Apocalypse's OT remarks: yay! London 2012!

'Course I have no idea if this is a good thing or a bad thing in the grand scheme of things, but it's always nice to have something to celebrate. Too bad they couldn't have arranged it while I still bloody well lived in London . . .

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