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"Dear Diary, Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy... Today, we were kidnapped by hill folk never to be seen again. It was the best day ever."
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July 06 2005

Serenity comic #1 Pushed Back to July 13th. Can't really find anything that might be the cause of it being delayed a week. But Dark Horse lists it as the 13th now, as does Diamond Comics and

You can't stop the signal, but apparently you can delay the comic!
I'm not surprised, it seems to be Joss' thing to come in late w/Fray, Astonishing X-men, and now the Serenity comic books.... But I know I'll love it whenever it is finally available.
I initially welcomed this extra week of time, to do research on local shops.

However, now I'm really depressed about the fate of the local comic book shop as an institution. I thought how nice it would be to patronize a local shop, support small businesses, etc., instead of paying shipping on an online order. But the three comic book shops I'd heard of in my town have all gone out of business (one of them went out of business only two weeks ago). ARGH.
doh :( Glad my local shop is still in business. Its run by some friends (formerly friends of a friend) who used to run a shop up in St. Cloud where the guy who introduced me to them went to college. They've ended up moving once, but I'm happy to say they are doing well. Support your local shops, folks, and please please consider giving to the CBLDF.

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