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July 06 2005

"The Silence of the Lambs" for TV. An interview with Tim Minear at

Just in time for tonight's 2 episode showing.
He goes on to compare Rachel Nichols with Jodie Foster.

I think it's a bit arrogant to compare your own work to a classic like Silence of the Lambs, particularly when it's nowhere near that level(IMO, of course). Granted, that particular quote could have been taken out of something like, "We're aiming for 'Silence of the Lambs' for tv," so who knows really.

I do wonder if increased ratings at this point would help at all, or if the deal is done. It wasn't my thing, but it was still better than most of what's on tv.
Seems to me that Fox is simply setting the show up for cancellation...once the episodes are aired tonight, they can claim they tried, "so hard" to breathe life into the ratings even though it appears the decision has already been made...nothing like closing the barn door after all the horses have run away!
I think he was talking in terms of mood and feel, in which case I would say the show was a lot like "Silence of the Lambs" for TV.

I also like his philosophy of making it about the characters, which is something I've noticed about the show. I loved the last two episodes.

If the show gets cancelled, I won't be heartbroken or anything, but I did enjoy it quite a lot.
Oh my god that woman is attractive... Um, what were we talking about? Sorry.
Well, for what it's worth since I don't have a Nielsen box, I watched both hours tonight. In contrast with episodes past, I felt a bit more emotional engagement with the secondary characters, who are finally beginning to get fleshed out. Also, during one episode I noticed a little thing that may or may not have been an Angel shoutout (a phone call to someone named "'Delia" -- short for Cordelia?).

It would be great if the ratings show improvement due to the double-shot exposure, earning it a reprieve from the chopping block, but I guess I'm not seriously committed enough at this point to really mourn its passing. After the agony that was cancelled Angel and Wonderfalls, I find I'm unable to give my heart away so easily any more ;)

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