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July 06 2005

Doug Petrie's role in the script development of Fantastic Four. An interesting LA Times piece about the odyssey of the FF script and DP's role therein.

A tad tenuous as a link, perhaps, but it contains some interesting observations. I particularly like Doug Petrie's idea to "recast 'Fantastic Four' as a meta-narrative examination of the heroes' fame as in the Beatles' 'A Hard Day's Night.'" Personally, that sounds like a lot better movie to me . . .

I'm pretty sure it was even longer than 11 years. I remember reading in the late 80s, early 90s that James Cameron had the rights to FF and tried to make it in to a movie back then.

EDIT: Come to think about it, maybe I confused FF with Spider-Man. But Roger Corman already did FF back then.


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Yeah Cameron was trying to do Spidey. He's the reason Peter has organic webbing instead of the web shooters. :-p

The old FF movie was never supposed to be seen. The studio was going to lose the rights to make the movie so they decided to do it QUICK and cheap to hold on to the property. Thats why it looks so crappy. No one was ever supposed to see it.

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SNT, glad you posted this. Now I can imagine a much more interesting movie than what's ended up in theaters. Who pays for the pizza? Those outfits don't have any place to put a wallet...
Oh, I didnīt know Doug worked on FF script.
oooh! a mention of doug petrie!

another chance to go: we have the same alma mater!! YAY!!!

(College of William and Mary, fyi)

got spare money? send some there! state school. budgets cuts. go on! (after depositing some at whedonesque, of course.)
The unseen version (Unless you have BitTorrent...) has a young Mercedes McNab as well.
The unseen version (Unless you have BitTorrent...) has a young Mercedes McNab as well.

Its a bit weird to see future Harmony to play young Sue Storm...

BTW, Petrie lobbied Alexis Denisoff as one of FF

11/11/02 - This project continues down the road to production sometime next year for a 2004 release, with word from MTV about screenwriter Doug Petrie's take on the film, including his dream cast, and descriptions of some of the scenes. Petrie revealed that his dream cast would be Charlize Theron as Susan, John C. Reilly as the voice of the Thing, Paul Walker as the Human Torch, and (the relatively unknown) Alexis Denisof (he's got a supporting role on a TV show called "Angel") as Reed Richards.
Does anyone know if any of Doug Petrie's contributions made it into the movie?

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