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July 06 2005

Serenity's trading cards set: Autograph line up revealed. Kudos to the amazing cast and Inkworks. More pictures here.

Are these the same trading cards listed at the Browncoats store at 500 points a pack?
woohoo! I'm gonna be broke! :)
Dear lord! Everything 'Firefly' is going to be one hell of an investment.
If that one uncut sheet of cards that has a limited print run of 99 copies features a really nice, can't-get-anywhere-else kind of image...I might have to track one down. $69.96 though, yipe! Okay maybe not then.

I really don't get the "pieces of costumes" cards. I know they've been around for a while, but...they seem creepy-stalkerish-inspired to me. I mean geez, why not include a lock of Nathan's hair while they're at it?

Actually it's more that I'd just rather them not cut up the movie's costumes. 'Cause sequel! I know they'd find new stuff for them to wear or re-make something that was cut up for cards/sold on eBay if they discovered that Joss really wanted one of the characters to wear it...but still, it feels wrong to be cutting up the costumes of a film that hasn't had its wide release yet.

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