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July 06 2005

Save "The Inside" Petition... Help save "The Inside"! Don't know if it will help, but it's not gonna hurt to sign!

To: Fox Broadcasting Company

Dear Fox,

We have had no choice but to stand by as you've cancelled one great show after another. We've been through Firefly, Tru Calling, and most recently, Point Pleasant, to name a few. And then you started on the path to redemption by bringing us "The Inside." We said to ourselves, "Oh no, this is a really good show. Fox is going to cancel it. This is what they always do." And now, we see our fears being brought to life.

How about you finally listen to the FANS and give this show a chance. Summer viewing is hard, but if you let this show live on, you will NOT be disappointed. We are dedicated to this show, and to bringing more fans to watch it. Give us more than 4 measly weeks to prove that to you.

Give The Inside a chance. It has great potential. If you keep doing things like this, your network WILL go down. Please reconsider your poor decision.

Thank you.


The Undersigned

BTW 2 eps of "The Inside" on the air tonight! :)
I'm not going to sign it because I don't agree with what it says. I like The Inside but I think they made the right decision to cancel some of those other shows.
Well, to be fair, charisma, the focus of the petition isn't really on those other shows. It just refers to them in passing, as it were. Even if you didn't like them, I don't think your integrity is compromised by signing.
Yeah, I signed and I'm not too fond of Tru Calling. And I hate Point Pleasant. But The Inside is the only "crimetime" show I felt like actually watching in a long time and I think it deserves to be on the air.
They left out "Wonderfalls"
Yeah if you like the Inside I think you should sign it, I never got into Point Pleasant- but the point of the thing is that FOX seems to be dumping a lot of shows with actual actors...and plots... and entertainment value.

I'm signing just so they don't replace it with something like "When buildings fall down".

Though I would watch the monkey olympics.
I thought Tim Minear said this sort of thing was a waste of time?
I would sign, except for that last sentence:

"If you keep doing things like this, your network WILL go down."

Couldn't that have been softened a bit? Sounds a little too threatening.

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I'm watching right now. That was the half-hour commercial break. I'm stunned. Can't wait to see what happens next. Can Tim tie up the rest of the series in half an hour? We'll see.

BTW - I'm kidding; I have no idea whether any other episodes are going to air or not.
By signing it, you're saying you agree with what it says. While I actually started to like "The Inside," I don't agree with everything said in the petition, even if I do wish they'd give the show more of a chance.
I think they should've listed a lot more shows that Fox has cancelled prematurely to get their point across. I know some of you liked both Tru Calling and Point Pleasant but they were both seen as not very good shows by the majority and to use them as examples (especially Tru Calling which got a whole season) seems like a bad idea. And although I found "The Inside" intriguing and that it has potential it has not been must see tv for me. I think shows like Wonderfalls and Firefly being mentioned is great because they were both critically acclaimed shows and well liked. Yes, they mention Firefly but they should've mentioned more critically acclaimed shows over two mediocre shows to make their point.

I also think the end of the letter could've been toned down a bit by saying you are potentially losing more and more viewers everytime you prematurely cancel shows because people are getting the "why bother" attitude when it comes to tuning into a new Fox show. I would also point out that shows like The X-Files and Cheers were shows that started off slowly with viewership before becoming the mega hits they were. A show needs a chance to find an audience and Fox is not giving any new shows that chance.
I thought Tim Minear said this sort of thing was a waste of time?

Right. Here's the simple fact:

Virtually each and every cancelled TV show over the past couple years has had an internet write-in campaign to save it. Almost all of them. And I sure haven't seen them flooding back onto the airwaves. Family Guy is, in fact, the only one I know of that's come back, and that's really because Cartoon Network put it on and proved it still had an audience after a couple years in reruns (and still rates as one of their highest show some nights.)

So, sign whatever you want folks, but don't get your hopes up.
Plus, the DVDs sold like literal hotcakes. My thinking: internet campaigns are good for DVD releases of cancelled shows, and if sales are spectacularly good (Firefly, Family Guy), the show has a slim chance of being re-incarnated in some form.
By signing it, you're saying you agree with what it says.

Well, yeah. But it is, after all, an online petition that is largely symbolic in intent and, probably, in effect. We're not being asked to ratify a constitution, or to sign a contract, that might have terms that will affect our lives. No one is going to be called into a dark room to be questioned as to the extent of their allegiance to Tru Calling. If you're looking for reasons not to sign, fine, any reason will do. But it's hardly something to invoke deep principles about; personally, I make half a dozen more difficult ethical decisions each morning before breakfast - mostly regarding my kids' choice of clothing and cereal. But, to each his or her own, I guess.
I dunno. I work in higher ed. We pay more attention to four personally written letters about an issue than we do to a petition signed by 300 people...especially an internet petition. I prefer to hold my fire for things I really care about, and if I can vote thru internet sales, I do. I bought Wonderfalls. As for The Inside... it got canned before I ever got a chance to see it.
killingj and charisma are taking valid positions. The petition says what it says regardless of the intent of the petition. If they don't agree with those statements it makes perfect sense not to sign something that says they do.

I thought about not signing myself it because of the wording...and because I know internet petitions mean nothing...and because Tim himself said there was no point...but I did anyway.

Before tonight I was just hangin' with the show because it was Tim's. But after tonight's second ep things changed. Now I WANT to know what happens next. So I guess I'll be watchin' those DVD's.
Plus, the DVDs sold like literal hotcakes.

Literal hotcakes? Did they have syrup on them? *g*
I watched tonight's episodes, and WOW! The first episode was really good, and had more on Rebecca's character. I didn't think the next episode could get any better, but I was wrong. Now we know a lot more about Paul, and woah, the shocking ending: And the preview for the next episode is even more shocking. Oh, man. Now I'm really getting hooked on this show!

So, yeah. I signed the petition. And yeah I'm going to be bummed if it really does get cancelled. But I'm certainly buying the DVDs.
Simon is correct, as pub'd on, Tim was crystal clear:

In a later post, Minear also mentioned: "I discourage strongly any save-this-show attempts by anyone. It would be pointless and a waste of time."

Go here to read whole story:

ETA: I hope all our UK friends are safe after this morning's madness. The word "coward" is being applied to the perpetrators and I have to agree.

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Not signing it since Tim Minear said no fan campaigns. And petitions IMO have always been the most pointless of fan protest.
spookyriverfan, I've added tags to your post.

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electricspacegirl, you are so right about the shocks. I didn't see that stuff coming. Now it looks like a Tim Minear show. Fox, please show the remaining eps. I would've bought the DVD set anyway, but now it's a day-of-release purchase for sure.
I don't see much point in the petition. But I, too, was amazed by the episodes last night. Really strong. They hooked me -- and too bad I got hooked, considering all the bad news. I think Fox's decision was terribly premature, but, sadly, typical of them.

What's the proper address for a letter?
While I'm not going to participate in any save-the-show campaigns for The Inside (much as I've enjoyed it, especially after last night's two episodes), I gotta ask--does Tim not enjoy the possibility of a The Inside film? I know he's probably honest with himself to realize that there's little chance of building up a Firefly-like buzz for something like The Inside, but even so...he's actively discouraging his fans from trying?

Or does this have something to do with the actors' contracts having just expired last week? Did that really happen, did I read about it, or am I imagining it? 'Cause then it makes sense for him to not want his fans to at least make an attempt to help his show.
My earlier complaint about the lack of characterization on the show is beginning to be without merit after the 2 episodes last night. I was getting more involved with the people now. Darn.
No, there's no harm in signing. It shows the number of fans in support of said show. However, I don't believe the networks pay any attention to these on-line petitions. I remember the huge drive to save Angel and the WB was like,"Hun? Did you say something?" With that said, those drives did bring groups of fans together that brought forth many useful services and organizations.

I just feel so badly for Tim, he just can't seem to get his foot through the door. And it certainly isn't from lack of talent, it's just the mind state of the networks today. If a show isn't an immediate hit, it's gone (kudos for UPN on breaking that habit for VM). It chills my blood to think what if Joss brought BtVS on the scene today.
That is a horrible thought. it would have been canceled within a week as the show was pretty slow to begin with. And if that had been cancelled there would have been no Angel and probably no Firefly.
Lucky it didnt though as it evolved into one of the greatest shows ever to grace the screen.
I thought Tim Minear said this sort of thing was a waste of time?

I pointed that out, but was told by a couple of the campaigners that Tim couldn't possibly have meant it, he's just being "humble" or he's just too saddened by it all to know what he's talking about, and obviously, I'm not really a fan of the show since I can't see that. And then I laughed.

And to all the UKers, I hope you and yours are safe and sound this morning, you're all in my thoughts.
Thanks Allyson, thankfully none of my family and friends are in London so that's good. Not much else is good about the situation though :(
I echo that thought. England, I'm so sorry for your grief today. There's no words.
I signed the petition. Obviously it's mostly a gesture but so what? When you step into a voting booth and cast your vote for various candidates, you do so knowing you won't change the outcome of an election by yourself...but that effort remains the cornerstone of democracy. People are spending a lot of time pointing out reasons not to show support for this show by signing this petition...I don't get it! Sign the petition, write letters, watch the show...or sit back and say, "I told you it was a waste of time" when it's cancelled...your choice! Doing something...anything, is better than doing nothing.
Indeed, Tim has said it's not worth running any 'save the show' campaigns for this as it just ain't gonna happen, which is why I've left them off
Last night's episodes were great, And next weeks's looks even BETTER! I really hope that this show gets a chance...
The easy solution to any ethical problems you might have with signing: sign and leave comments saying that you don't agree with everything the petitioners said, but you're sad and angry that The Inside got shafted and that's why you signed. It's what I did.
Signed the petition. Did I see Tru Calling once...nope? Point Pleasant? Uh uh. I LOVE the Inside. Don't care if it's a waste of time. It all boils down to making myself feel better. So that's what I'm doing. So there,,,,

You London folk....Harmalicious hearts you. I've been thinking of you all day!

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