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July 07 2005

(SPOILER) Positive review of Angel: The Curse comic. Angel: The Curse is one of Newsarama's picks of the week. Minor spoilers concerning the set-up.

The review is just past the reviews of Runaways and the Green Lantern.

Okies, I'm going to have to admit it. The first issue of Angel: The Curse, didn't impress me... at all.

In fact I think it suffered the same problem the old Buffy/Angel comics did, I can't believe that these events would happen in the Angel continuity.

I thought they did an OK job with Angel's voice, but it sounds a bit too much like a writer describing Angel's character than the character actually speaking.

But hey, it has potential and the art is pretty good. It was worth 5 bucks canadian, I hope the series improves.

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If only I could bloody well find the comic somewhere..... I could always wait for the trade I suppose.

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