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July 07 2005

BBC buys rights to 'How I Met your Mother'. BBC2 and BBC3 will broadcast Alyson Hannigan's new comedy series sometime next year. In related news, the UK satellite channel LIVINGtv has bought the rights to show Veronica Mars.

I've merged the two Alyson Hannigan threads together to save some space on the front page.
Nice... HIMYM looks like an excellent sitcom and we all know the quality of Veronica Mars. Also, on the VM post someone asked which connections there are between Whedonverse and Veronica Mars. I've been sitting here for about an hour looking into just that so I'm not gonna let it go to waste. Here it is:

Name [Role on Whedon show] (Role on Veronica Mars):
Alyson Hannigan [Willow Rosenberg on Buffy] (Trina Echolls)
Adam Kaufman [Parker Abrams on Buffy] (André)
Courtnee Draper [Annabelle on Buffy] (Darcy)
Zachary Ty Bryan [Peter Nicols on Buffy] (Caz Truman)
Steve Rankin [Mr Maclay on Buffy] (Lloyd)
Christian Clemenson [Balthazar on Buffy] (Abel Koontz)
Daniel Bess [Mudder on Firefly] (Cole)
Megalyn Echikunwoke [Vaughne on Buffy] (Rain/Debbie)
Deborah Zoe [Mistress Meerna on Angel] (Junita)
Cynthia Lamontagne [Lydia on Buffy] (Catherine)
Roy Werner [Heinrich on Angel and Gentlemen on Firefly] (Barry Randall)
Chris Willey [Roger on Buffy] (Band Dork)
Chris Babers [Gunn's Acquaintance on Angel] (Jack)
Bonita Friedericy [Mrs Finkle on Buffy and Patience on Angel] (Evelyn)
Cameron Bender [Stoner on Buffy] (Nathan)
Carl Bresk [Wright on Firefly] (Computer Teacher & Coach)
Michael McMillian [Younger Hopeful on Firefly] (Pete)

John T. Kretchmer [Buffy Director] (Director)
Nick Marck [Buffy and Angel Director] (Director)

Scott Remick [Buffy Second Unit Director] (Second Unit Director)

Justin Sundquist [Buffy & Angel Stunts] (Stunts)
Lin Oeding [Angel & Firefly Stunts) (Stunts)
Eddie J. Fernandez [Firefly Stunts] (Stunts)
Denney Pierce [Vic on Angel and Angel Stunts] (Stunt Coordinator)

Kurt Kassulke [Buffy, Angel & Firefly Sound Re-recording Mixer] (Sound Re-recording Mixer)
Timothy Pearson [Buffy Foley Artist] (Foley Artist)
Raymond E. Spiess III [Buffy & Angel Dialogue/Adr Editor] (Dialogue/Adr Editor)
Justin M. Lubin [Buffy & Angel Still Photographer] (Still Photographer)
David Neal Stewart [Buffy Electrician] (Electrician)
Chris Friebus [Angel Film Loader] (Assistant Camera)

[ edited by Djungelurban on 2005-07-07 17:09 ]
So Djungerlurban, you're saying there is some connection between Buffy and Veronica Mars?

Now if only we can work out the connection between Ben and Glory...
Excellent research, Djungelurban, although I must confess that even after watching every BtVS and FF episode 5 times each, I don't recognize many of those character names - Roger? Mrs. Finkle? Wright? But an impressive cross-over quotient.
Djungelurban, there's also the hollywood connection game, between whedonverse people and VM people.

Troy was Veronica's love interest, in early 1st season, played by Aaron Ashmore, whose twin brother is Shawn Ashmore (Bobby Drake from the X-Men Movies, and also from Smallville), who happens to be dating Michelle Tratchenberg (Dawn in Buffy).
Very quick on the uptake with Bones! Yet they've only just got around to anouncing that Lost will air next month!

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