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July 07 2005

Serenity advance screening review. A Firefly fan gushes over the June 23 screening in Newport, Kentucky.

There's a pretty good rundown of Serenity's history, a lovely description of the party atmosphere at the screening, a brief non-spoilery review ("two hours of cinematic bliss"), and a plea to the general public to see the movie. I don't know what this newspaper's circulation is, but it's always nice to see this sort of thing.

tehipite_tom, I just amended your title to make it a little more explicit. And don't forget to add them tags!

Very nice and well-written piece. And completely spoiler free, for those who are concerned.
Thanks for the editing! First-timer, obviously, so I appreciate the help.

[ edited by tehipite_tom on 2005-07-07 19:18 ]
Any time, especially for a Berkeley High alum. :) Good first post, by the way.
Excellent post! Very good and very enthusiastic review. I even teared up at his description of Joss thanking the fans! I also liked how he mentioned that his friend, who wasn't familiar with Firefly, also really loved the movie too.
Great, informative, well-done review. Thanks for posting this, tehipite_tom.

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