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July 07 2005

GMTV appear to have removed their "Entertainment Now" section from schedules tomorrow morning, replacing it with 'special coverage of yesterday's incidents in London', so the new SERENITY trailer may not air Friday morning as planned.

I hope all you London-based Whedonesquers and your families are safe and in one piece.

Next week we're really going to need that Serenity trailer to cheer us all up.
Condolences to all affected. These are bad, bad times..
Yes, sending condolences as well...
be safe,keep flyin'
Stay safe everyone.
Keep flying, friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
I share everyone's horror. Stay safe, fellow UK Wheondesquers, and as zeitgiest and others have said, keep flying.
Thanks for everyone's thoughts right now. It helps! And the trailer can't come soon enough, IMO.
If it doesn't air on TV, I'm going to try to convince UIP to let me put it online given the circumstances. I don't know contractually how this will work so I will need to see if they agree. Edit: also, the UK Serenity people are all based in that kinda areaish - I have checked and they appear to be okay.

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Well I agree with this, the plight of London deserves it. But hell, has it been a weird day today. Just before I went into the dentist I heard about power surges in London, when i came out, London had been hit by terrorist attacks. When i go into work, two are dead, 180 injured, when i come out, 37 dead, 700 injured

Bad Day.
The eyewitness they kept playing on the BBC summed it up: ``This has not been a good day". Hoping all the UK whedonistas and their loved ones are safe, and stay that way.
I also offer my condolences and sorrow to this horrible day. These terrorist just continue to show how inhuman and evil they are but they don't tear us apart but bring us together and make our resolve to make this a better world stronger. It warms my heart to see how humankind comes together in times like this and truly shows how much love and support is out there. Terrorist may have attacked again but as always, humanity doesn't let them beat us down - we get back up, stronger and more determined than before. I am so proud of how the Brits are dealing with this tragedy and they have been a wonderful example for the rest of the world. And I am so relieved to see that many of our Whedonesquers are okay and their families are okay. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
Hope no one minds but as this seems to be the place for it, i would like to post our Mayors response

"Londoners have been subjected to a cowardly attack - I have no doubt this is a terrorist attack," he said.

"I would like to thank Londoners for the calm way they responded," said Mr Livingstone, who has been in the Far East helping the successful London Olympic bid.

"This was not a terrorist attack against the mighty and the powerful, Presidents or Primeministers, this was against working-class Londoners, an indiscriminate attempt at mass murder.

"I have stayed in touch with Sir Ian(head of police) thanks to the excellent communications we had in place in the event I was out of London during an atrocity like this.

"This is not an ideology or even a perverted faith," he continued. "This is just an attempt to kill innocent people.

And Mr Livingstone then addressed the terrorists directly, saying they would never beat the resolve of the British people.

"Ours is the greatest city in the world and we will not be divided by your cowardly attacks.

"I know you fear you may fail in your long-term objectives. In the coming weeks look at our airports, seaports and railway stations.

"People come to live in London so they can live the life they choose.

"They flee you because you tell them how to live and no matter how many people you kill, you will fail."
We could use a little serenity. I love you, London. Been thinking of you all day.
Its things like this that make me glad that I'll be going back into the Army at the end of the year. Hopefully, I'll be put back with my old Ranger unit, so I can kill me some terrorists.
I'm disappointed for our fellow UK Browncoats, but at least the BBC has their priorities straight. "Serenity" is going to be the best movie this year, but I think it goes without saying that today's tragedy in London is about seventeen bajillion times more important.
Well as someone living in London I appreciate the sentiments.

I was heartened by the picture of all the world leaders standing together yesterday, it is important that in times like this we all pull together and be very clear that nobody and nothing will destroy our way of life. I was also heartened by the Prime Minister being very clear that these are not Muslims but Terrorists and that there is a firm distinction between the two. London is the most multi-cultural city on earth and we are damm well keeping it that way.

Sadly we have been through this with the IRA for many years and many atrocities and while one does never get used to this, we are mentally and emotionally equipped to survive this as well. As Tony Blair said: They shall not prevail.
ShotgunWes - an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
Unless, of course, you're the last one with any sight.
lone fashionable wolf- itīs all very well to say that, but if no one stops the terrorists they wonīt have a hard time killing us all.

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