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July 07 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity Screening Review. A fan review from Denver, who has attended all 3 screenings. There are minor spoilers in the second to last paragraph.

The spoilers are in that second to last paragraph which starts with "All this is not to say that I think the movie is perfect or I'm blinded to possible problems." Stop reading there, if you want to be completely spoiler free. The first two reviews are also linked to in the article. They also contain mild spoilers.

Most of the article is about the getting tickets, watching the audience reaction, etc.

Re: My comments yesterday regarding the attraction of strong willed political types to Firefly/Serenity...Colorado Free Market/Personal Liberties Extremists (this guy quit the Colorado Libertarian Party because it wasn't, yes, libertarian enough)... Check! ;)

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bobster, heh.

Rather well-done review, I thought.
What's the recurring fight move? Yet another detail I didn't notice! Can I please have the DVD now if I promise to still see the movie 6 times opening weekend?
I agree with this person's statement that the movie gets better on re-viewing because you notice the little details and how everything knits together wonderfully, especially the emotions of each performance. And after 2 times, I still haven't heard every line of dialogue (damn Joss and his laugh-inducing ways).

Though I skimmed his first review of the movie, and don't agree that it is the finest thing Joss has ever done. I think the entirety of Buffy, seasons 2-3, are the zenith of his career. If he surpasses that one day, I might keel over from joy or amazement.

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