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July 07 2005

Profiles in History Mega-Auction includes Spike's Amulet and other great props. An auction of treasures, including items from the collection of Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz, features a number of iconic Buffy and Angel props.

This is a really amazing list of props for auction....for someone with loads of cash. Mostly Star Wars related...but the amulet is next to last on the list.

$6k to $8k??? I just did a spit take before remembering I wasn't drinking anything!
Hole-y... crap. Sorry, tweaking over Star Wars and Indiana Jones...
Good one, Rogue Slayer! I must admit I found myself shaking my head in disbelief over the expected selling price of these items. I mean, yeah, Luke's *original* light saber might fetch that much, but the Munster's prop? I don't think so.
$6,000 - $8,000 for an amulet? That's awefully exspensive to look like Elizabeth Taylor.
The screen used Slayer scythe just went for $3,000 so how they expect twice that for an amulet...
A quick correction to the main item (which probably should be edited) -- Gary Kurtz' "Star Wars" collection is the highlight of this auction, but it will include pieces from a number of industry types. Hence, the MULTIPLE Buffy pieces. For more details, check out the auction catalogue.

The Buffy stuff is located in the section containing pages 151-204.

Highlights -- A Buffy dress, a straightjacket, continuity and costume photos, and oversized painting of Buffy, Willow, Xander, Spike, and Oz, signed by the actors.
Very interesting that the note that Buffy left for Spike at the end of "Touched" is included in the auction lot. I don't think the message in that note has ever been revealed before - cool.

Page 36 of the book...
Spikesbad, they've had Spike's pants go for that much.
The other items are what boggles the mind.
Thanks for the correction, jenolen. I was pretty sure Gary didn't actually own any Buffy stuff, let alone memorabilia from Urban Cowboy, Bicentennial Man, and Saving Private Ryan, but was scratching my head for a while back there.

Still would like to know which amulet is being auctioned.
I think the site is being Wh'esqued (like it? that's my proposed Whedonesque version of MeFi'ed) - taking a long time to download the catalog. TaraDi: can you share the contents of the note?
Per Spikeylover, the note says:


You told me things last night that I really needed to hear. I feel stronger now because of you. I know what my mission is and that Caleb's holding the secret to it all. This one I have to take care of alone. You take care too.

Huh. And I here I always thought it said:

"Thanks for the cuddle. Needed that. I left some money by the bed. Toodles."

Oh and for $8000 I better get Sarah and James delivering the item personally at my home! 's All I'm saying!
"Thanks for the cuddle. Needed that. I left some money by the bed. Toodles."


It took forever to load. The amulet is the one Spike wore in Chosen and released him in Conviction. It is one of 3 made for the show, and one recently went for $7,500 at an auction.
Huh. And I here I always thought it said:

"Thanks for the cuddle. Needed that. I left some money by the bed. Toodles."

But you're not bitter, are you, honey?? ;~P
I need to get my glasses. I thought the letter said this:

Angel is dumb and his hair sticks up.

Hugs and kisses


yes, I'm a shameless Spuffy wanker.
I amended the subject title to show that it wasn't Gary Kurtz who was selling *all* these goodies, as jenolen pointed out above. (I thought about substituting the catalogue url, but as gingeriffic observed, that takes an awfully long time to download).

I'm pretty disappointed if that's what the note is supposed to have said. We know Buffy isn't Shakespeare, - although I always felt that she was a helluva lot smarter than she was given credit for in the show, - but that is just limp, trite prose, and smacks of something thought up after the event. It doesn't even sound like her voice. Think I'll stick to my own imagined note contents.
Yeah, I like Ed's note better.
The thing about being alone goes with END OF DAYS and Spike's little "shirty" jab at her.

P.S. I like Ed's note better, too.

twiggy aka Spikeylover

[ edited by twiggy on 2005-07-08 18:30 ]
I looked on page 36 of the catalogue and its a replica of Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet. What page is the Chosen note on?
Yeah, at first I was finding HR Puffenstuff and Mr. Spock.
You have to go to page 151-204 and then page 36 of THAT link.
Found it! If you just want to download the BtVS pages, you can find them here.
Thank you killinj! I want it all except the paintings... especially Xander who looks like a corpse...
Yes, thanks for making it so easy, killinj.

Blecch. Who would want a dirty straight-jacket? I guess it was from Hush? Or Normal Again? Still, creepifyin'.
Very helpful link. Thanks killinj.

The Buffster black denim dress is looking like a relative steal at $300-500. (Although it probably doesn't look so good unaccompanied by SMG's body . . . ) Actually quite like the straitjacket - would be a good, um, conversation piece anyway.
Straightjacket could be from Helpless as well...

*knows too much...* *but, is in good company*

Maybe it's the same straight jacket used in all those episodes. Wow - what a piece of history!

I really like what Seth wrote when he signed his picture. His is the best likeness out of the ones shown for sale.
Before this thread disappears from the front page, I thought I'd take the opportunity to post a terrific FilmForce interview with Gary Kurtz, the Star Wars producer and not-quite auctioner of Buffy memorabilia. It's a great read, especially if you have no idea who he is, and a lesson in cinema history from a man who is steeped in it and who cherishes it.

At the very least, you'll find out which of Gary's films Harlan Ellison called "the greatest film ever made" - and it sure isn't the one you might guess.
Thanks, SNT. That was a great interview. I really enjoyed reading it.
Thanks, SNT, that was great, being a Star Wars fan from way back. I especially thought this part was interesting considering what we've all been experiencing in these parts over the last couple of months:
It's never a good idea to show unfinished material to anyone outside of the working group anyway I wouldn't recommend it on ANY picture, whether you have visual effects or not, because there are just so many things that add to the resonance of the film, especially music and sound effects, and certainly visual effects in this case. If you're using animatics, you can sometimes get around not having the visual effects because you have a drawing that kind of substitutes for that. But certainly the soundtrack is critical for a science fiction film, and we didn't have the soundtrack except for some dialogue so I don't blame them for scratching their heads.

(I tried to use italics but couldn't seem to close the italicizing using the same symbol.)

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